Change these Windows 11 settings to optimize your PC

Microsoft is constantly releasing new Windows 11 updates to keep the software optimal for users. However, some default settings are just not worth keeping. See how to modify them!


Some default settings might be holding your computer’s potential back!

windows 11 settings
Learn how to change some settings on your Windows 11. Source: Microsoft.

Windows 11 launched in late 2021, and since then, Microsoft has been gingerly adding features to optimize the operating system. But sometimes, the best Windows 11 settings are masked behind the default ones.

In some cases, the default settings might even undermine your computer’s accessories.

Next time you turn on your computer for work, or even before an exciting gaming session, consider making these interesting changes to optimize your PC.

How to enable the Windows 11 dark mode settings

You have the option to change between light and dark mode in the Windows 11 settings. However, this alternative is not so easy to find.

Instead of being under the display, you can find it by going to Settings, then Personalization, and then Colors.

From there, you can choose between light and dark mode. You can also choose different settings for Windows and apps. There’s also the option to set transparency and accent colors. 

Change your default browser

If you’re not a fan of Microsoft Edge, you can change the default to whatever browser you’re comfortable with in the Windows 11 settings. First go to Settings, then Apps, and find the web browser you prefer. 

Then, select the “set default” option in the top-right corner and you’re done. Windows will use that browser automatically when you click on links from other apps. You can also customize your browser by file if you want. 

Manage your Windows 11 update settings

windows 11 settings
Manage your update schedule. Source: Shutterstock.

We all know that keeping your computer up to date is a key factor to keep it secure. Windows updates generally include patches to keep users safe and prevent security breaches.

However, some of these updates can be quite annoying when unprompted. 

To take charge of these updates, you can go to Settings, then Windows Update, and Advanced Options. In this menu, you can set the hours you’re active on your computer and prevent Windows from restarting while you’re working. 

You can also program it so the software will give you a 15-minute warning before restarting your computer in order to apply its latest updates. 

Change or remove startup apps in your Windows 11 settings

Getting a brand new device is always exciting, but nothing takes the joy away like feeling it’s slow as soon as you turn it on. When that happens, 9 times out of 10 times is due to startup apps. 

That means that the more apps your device has to launch when you turn it on, the more resources it drains. So if you want to make things faster and save on resources, you can go to Settings, then Apps, and Startup.

From there, you can turn off everything you don’t need immediately after turning on your PC. You have the option to open any of these apps at any time when you’re using your computer. 

If there’s an app you feel like you need right away, you can enable it back up in the Windows 11 settings to save you the trouble of opening it manually. 

Change your privacy settings

A few of the Windows 11 privacy settings allow Microsoft a way in to sneak ads into your online experience.

You can disable those settings by going to Settings, Privacy & Security, General, and then disable anything you don’t agree with. 

This menu also allows you to modify other privacy settings, like choosing which apps can have access to your microphone and camera, and turning on/off location services. 

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