Who is the shortest person in the world?

This article discusses short people who have accomplished a lot throughout history. It also shows that being small does not mean you cannot do big things!


A look at the shortest people in history

woman show height short person
How short is the shortest person in the world? Source: Adobe Stock.

When most people think of world records, they think of achievements like the fastest marathon time or the most hot dogs eaten in one sitting.

But there are also records for physical traits, like being the shortest person in the world. 

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Nowadays, a woman holds the record for being the shortest living person in the world. Even though she is small in stature, she has accomplished a lot in life. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at her. We will also explore some of the other short people who have made an impact on history. Stay tuned to read more!

The shortest people in history: who are they?

tall man show height of short woman
Find out who is the shortest person in the world. Source: Adobe Stock.

Being short in a world designed for average-size people can be tough, but these people manage to do it perfectly. Proving that short does not mean inferior.

Today we are celebrating the shortest people ever to exist. From past to present, we got a very special list below.

Each of these people has their own story, and we are excited to share them with you.   

Shorters Person in the World: Jyoti Amge

The shortest person in the world is Jyoti Amge, who measures just 62.8 centimeters (2 feet 0.6 inches). Jyoti was born in Nagpur, India, on December 16, 1993.

She started school at the age of five and was soon recognized as extremely small.

By the time she was 10 years old, Jyoti had stopped growing, and she was officially declared the shortest person in the world by the Guinness World Records in 2011. 

Although her height is due to a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, Jyoti is otherwise healthy and has enjoyed a successful career as an actor and model. 

In 2016, she even played a cameo role in the hit television series American Horror Story: Freak Show. Thanks to Jyoti, we now know that size doesn’t matter when it comes to talent or success!

The Shortest female ever: Pauline Musters

Pauline Musters, better known as Princess Pauline, was born in the Netherlands in 1876.

In 1895, she was measured and found to be 59 cm (23.2 in), making her the shortest female ever. Princess Pauline came to be well known for her acrobatics and dancing. 

Her small stature allowed her to contort her body in ways that amazed audiences. She toured throughout Europe and America, delighting crowds with her gymnastic abilities. 

Today, Pauline Musters holds the Guinness World Record for the shortest female ever. Although she passed away in 1895, her legacy continues to amaze and inspire people all over the world.

Shortest Male: Edward Niño Hernandez

little boy measuring height
Some of these people are shortest than a kid. Source: Adobe Stock.

Edward Niño Hernandez is the shortest person in the world, just over two feet tall. Born in Colombia in 1986, Hernandez has been recognized by the Guinness World Records since 2010. 

While he may be small in stature, Hernandez is a big personality and enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new things. 

In addition to his work in the public eye, Hernandez is also an active philanthropist, working to raise awareness for dwarfism and other causes.

Despite his challenges, Hernandez defies the odds and lives a full and fulfilling life – proving that size doesn’t always matter.

Former shortest man living: He Pingping 

2008 was the year that He Pingping claimed the title of shortest man living. At just 73.6 cm (2 ft 4.8 in), he was an impressive 3 cm shorter than the previous record holder, Gul Mohammed (India, b. 1957). 

He Pingping’s short stature was the result of a form of dwarfism known as primordial dwarfism, and he proved to be a popular figure on the talk show circuit. 

In 2010, he was even given the honor of ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Sadly, He Pingping passed away in March of 2010 at the age of just 21. However, his legacy as one of the shortest people in history lives on.

Shortest Male Teen: Dor Bahadur Khapangi

Despite his diminutive stature, Dor Bahadur is a determined young man who loves to play football and dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up.

“I want to show everyone that just because I am small doesn’t mean I can’t do big things,” he says. 

Who knows, maybe one day Dor Bahadur will end up being the shortest person on the force!

Dor Bahadur proves that size doesn’t matter; what you make of your life counts. And judging by his accomplishments, Dor Bahadur is definitely making the most of his.

Lightest person in history: Lucía Zárate

Lucía Zárate was born in 1863 in Mexico and billed as the world’s shortest woman. She was just 26 inches tall and weighed only 4 pounds.

Zárate began her career as a sideshow performer, touring throughout Europe and the United States. She quickly became a sensation, appearing in newspapers and magazines across the globe.

Zárate’s small stature was due to a condition known as primordial dwarfism. Sadly, she passed away in 1890 at the age of 27.

However, her legacy continues on as she is remembered as one of the shortest people ever to live.

Despite their challenges, these individuals have persevered and significantly impacted the world. We hope that their stories will continue to inspire others to achieve great things, no matter how tall they may be.

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