See how to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards

Want to know how to apply for the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards? We'll show you how in this comprehensive guide, including all of the card's features and benefits.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 02/27/2023

Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards: Easy and straightforward pre-application process with instant feedback!

Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards
Apply for a credit card with rewards even with a poor score. Source: The News Stacker.

When you apply for a Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards, you get more than a simple credit card.

You get the opportunity to build a better financial future, and the ability to earn cash back rewards while doing so.


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Destiny Cashback

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You can earn rewards while building credit score with the Destiny Mastercard®.

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The Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards is available to anyone who needs a helping hand in improving their current score.

The issuer, First Electronic Bank, reports all account activity to the three main credit bureaus in the U.S. to help with the process.

You can get a $700+ credit limit and access to a Mastercard product with nationwide acceptance. The card allows all members to choose their card design at no extra cost, and offers account management 24/7, even on mobile.

However, all of these perks and benefits come at a price. To add the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards to your wallet, you’ll have to pay a $175 annual fee (assessed upon approval) during your first year as a cardmember.

And it doesn’t stop there – during the second year of membership, the fee drops to $49, but is met by a $12.50 monthly fee. The card’s APR is also on the high side at 35.9%, so carrying a balance is not a good idea. 

Nevertheless, the card offers a way to better credit for people who need it. Best of all? There’s no security deposit needed to fund your account.

So if you’d like to learn how you can apply for the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards, keep reading!

Learn how to get the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards online

Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards
Apply online for this credit card. Source: Canva.

You can easily apply for the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards online with only a few clicks of a button. The first step is accessing Destiny’s website. Then, click on “get started” and “pre-qualify now”. 

You’ll have to fill out a quick form with some basic information about yourself, your Social Security Number, and your contact details.

Once you do that, click on “pre-qualify now” and wait a few seconds for the issuer to evaluate your profile.

The pre-qualification process does not affect your current score since it only performs a soft check. After a few moments, you’ll get feedback with your card offer. Take a few minutes to review its Terms & Conditions before you apply.

If you agree to their terms, you can formally submit your application, which will then perform a hard inquiry on your score. Sign your contract and wait for the card to be issued to your address.

Once you receive your Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards, you can activate it by calling the number on the back of your card.

You can also access and manage your account online or using Destiny’s mobile app.

Learn how to get it using the app

You can download and manage your Destiny Card using their mobile app. However, you cannot apply for the Destiny Mastercard® Cashback Rewards using it.

To request your new card, you must do so online using a computer. 

How about a similar credit card?

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