Spotify HiFi: are Spotify users finally getting a high definition tier?

The first time Spotify HiFi became news, was in early 2021. Since then, very little information about the service came to light. But apparently, this is coming to an end sooner rather than later.


New rumors have surfaced about a Platinum plan with high fidelity audio.

Spotify HiFi
Is Spotify finally releasing its high-quality audio tier? Source: Adobe Stock.

The high-fidelity tier Spotify HiFi was first announced in February 2021. Since then, very little information has come to light about the service. However, it looks as though the music streaming platform is finally ready to launch its HiFi tier – now called Platinum – soon. 

A person who recently canceled their Spotify account got in touch with a website called 9to5Mac to share the news. According to them, he got an email encouraging them to resubscribe with a mention to a new service. Spotify offered a Spotify Platinum plan for $19.99 per month, and within the Platinum features there was a mention of Spotify HiFi.

Along with high-fidelity audio, the email referred to other interesting features such as Headphone Tuner, Library Pro, Studio Sound, Audio Insights and more. There’s also mention of a limited-ad for podcasts. It’s unclear at this point what they will all involve. 

Spotify HiFi might be coming sooner than you’d think

The email mentioned that a Spotify Platinum subscription would be available within 30 days. Meaning we’d have access to Spotify HiFi as soon as a month’s time, but with the Platinum label attached to it. 

Spotify’s main competitor – Apple Music – already offers Lossless and Spatial Audio features for $9.99 a month. That is half of the predicted price for Spotify Platinum. Therefore, the giant music streaming platform will have to provide more than just high-fidelity audio to justify those prices.

If the resubscribe information contained in that email is correct, users won’t have to wait much longer for an announcement from Spotify. 

Is the Spotify HiFi pricing fair to existing users?

Spotify HiFi
Will existing users adhere to the new tier? Source: Adobe Stock.

The lossless quality audio that has been promised with Spotify HiFi will certainly bring it more into line with other streaming services such as Apple Music and Tidal. However, what remains unclear is how much this extra level of high-quality audio matters to already existing Spotify users. 

If the predicted price is indeed $19.99, it might be a very tough sell to ask users to double their monthly subscription prices for Spotify HiFi. Adding more features than just high-fidelity audio might sweeten the deal. But what exactly these alleged features do remains a mystery to be solved. 

In the last few months, Spotify has been expanding its user base by adding more podcasts and audiobooks. Getting its subscribers to pay double for Spotify HiFi will certainly boost their finances and entice them to create new features. 

At first, Spotify itself wasn’t certain of when it would release Spotify HiFi. But by the looks of it, a launch seems imminent. What remains to be seen is how many people will actually be willing to pay for the service. 

Learn how to download songs from Spotify!

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Learn how to download songs from Spotify!

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