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See how to apply for the Money Credit Card

If you're looking for a credit card with great rewards, look no further than the Money Credit Card. Learn more in our application guide.


Money Credit Card: Earn 3% cashback on shopping!

Money Credit Card
Apply for the Money Credit Card. Source: The News Stacker.

Get the best of both worlds when you apply for a Money Credit Card! Earn 3% cashback on shopping at eligible stores and one percent back everywhere. 


Credit Card

Money Credit Card

rewards Mastercard

With this Mastercard, you can earn money back on all your purchases.

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You can also enjoy up to 55 days of free interest, access worldwide, and manage it all easily through an intuitive mobile app – all for a low monthly fee. Don’t miss out; find out how you apply today!

Learn how to get the Money Credit Card online

Money Credit Card
Access the Money Credit Card website to apply for it. Source: Canva.

To apply for a Money Credit Card, you’ll need first visit their official website. There, fill out the prequalification form with your personal details. Including working status and South African ID number. 

And make sure that you meet all additional requirements, such as being over 18 years old, having an income above R3000 per month, plus proof of said income along with a valid bank account to get accepted. 

Once approved through our quick-check system, simply proceed when ready with completing the application process!

Other ways you can apply

You must go to their official website to apply for a Money Credit Card. But after that, you can utilize the benefits of Money Credit’s mobile app! 

From browsing loan options to securely signing up. Head to your App Store or Google Play and get set up easily.

What about a similar credit card? ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card

Enjoy hassle-free and elite banking with the ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card! Enjoy great credit limits up to R138,000.00—all for a low monthly account fee of only R59.00. 

With 57 days of free interest on purchases, you can ensure that your money goes as far as possible – while minimum payments are manageable at 3% per month too! 

Receive 24/7 assistance through ABSA’s dedicated premium line whenever needed, along with automatic travel insurance coverage of up to an impressive R3 million plus exclusive discounts from Visa. Check out how to apply below.

ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card

How to apply for ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card

Find out how to apply for the ABSA Premium Banking credit card. Get exclusive benefits and tailored banking products with this card!

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