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The best Chase Freedom® credit card: find out which one is right for you

Need a new credit card? Check out our list of the best Chase Freedom® unlimited credit cards and find the perfect one for you.


The benefits of these Chase credit cards will please you for sure!

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Take a look at the Chase Freedom credit cards to decide which one is the best for you. Source: Adobe Stock.

We know it can be tough deciding which Chase Freedom® credit card is the best for you. But we’re here to help.

We’ve put together this list with our favorite picks. So when next time comes around, and your wallet needs some extra love (or adventure), all will feel as though they have been well-taken care of!

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See which Chase Freedom® card offers the best rewards for you!

No matter what your needs are, one of the Chase Freedom® credit cards out there is the best for you. So take your time, do your research, and choose the best card for your needs.

Chase Freedom® Unlimited®

With this card, you can get 1.5% cash back on all purchases and 3% dining (including takeout) or drugstore spending – that’s a lot of rewards!

And when it comes to gas station transactions in the first year, they give 5% on cashback. There are no annual fees involved either, and you also get an APR of 0% in the first 15 months.

Chase Freedom® FlexSM Credit Card

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Every Chase credit card comes with an excellent rewards program. Source: Adobe Stock.

With the ability to earn $200 after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months, this Chase Freedom® card really has something for everyone. Plus, with 5% returning as rewards from gas stations and up takeout food at restaurants (among other things).

There’s no limit whatsoever when it comes down to how much money can be made using these cards just by traveling around town or even taking long road trips across America!

There isn’t an annual fee either and 0% APR for 15 months!

Chase Freedom® Student credit card

Student loans are hard to come by these days, and it’s even worse if you’re not approved.

Luckily there is an alternative! The Chase Freedom® Student Credit Card offers cash back on all your purchases as well as bonus rewards worth up $50 when they first sign-up for this awesome offer – no annual fee either (APR 16.49% variable).

So whether buying books or snacks at college town stores, you’ll have some extra spending money in your wallet thanks entirely to an amazingly cool company called Chase.

Check out some of these other offers from Chase

Even if the Chase Freedom family of cards offers some amazing benefits, Chase has no shortage of excellent credit cards.

Most of these cards are designed for people with good or excellent credit scores. But that’s because their perks are worth it!

Take a look at the following cards and see if your chosen one is here.

Slate EdgeSM credit card

This credit card offers no annual fee, like the Chase Freedom® Flex credit card, and a best-in-line 0% introductory APR period on purchases and balance transfers for 18 months.

You’ll also enjoy $0 plan fees when you split up large purchases into monthly installments with MyChasePlan during that intro period.

Plus, you get an automatic review process to increase your credit card limit by paying your bill promptly!

Ink Business Preferred®

If you’re looking for the best Chase credit card for your business, the Ink Business Preferred® credit card is a great choice. There is no business card on the Chase Freedom® options.

With a massive sign-up bonus of $100,000 and points that can be earned across four different bonus categories, this card provides plenty of value for businesses big and small.

It’s easy to see why this card is a popular choice for business owners.

Ink Business Unlimited® credit card

Ink Business Unlimited® card is the perfect way to start with your small business. It comes complete with 0% intro APR for 12 months and unlimited 1.5% cash back rewards on every purchase!

You can also redeem those points as a refund or towards future purchases – so there’s no need to spend any money immediately if you don’t want to (although I bet that puppy will be asking pretty nicely).

To top it all off, this card offers no annual fee, fraud protection, AND purchase protection.

Chase Sapphire Preferred®

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Chase has some of the best travel perks in the credit card market. Source: Adobe Stock.

You’ll get 5x points on travel purchases, 2x at restaurants or wherever you buy your dining out food. That means more savings.

But there’s even better news: if that wasn’t enough already, then we’ve got 60K points just waiting patiently in appreciation of meeting the minimum spent each month.

This card comes with an annual fee of $95 and offers 17.49% – 24%, which is a variable APR

A perfect option for those who want to keep their rates low!

Chase Sapphire Reserved®

Get ready to take your travel experience up a notch! Not even the best Chase Freedom® card can top this one.

This card is a great way to rack up points and travel rewards. After spending $4,000 on purchases within your first 3 months of getting this credit card, you could redeem 60K bonus points. That equals out at nearly 900 dollars in value!

With this card, you can make use of $300 in travel credits as reimbursement for your hotel and car rental purchases made through the company’s own rewards program!

When you use the Chase Ultimate Rewards® to purchase travel, you get more points when you spend your first $300 on a travel purchase.

This credit card is perfect if you want to take advantage of 5x points on flights, 10x hotel, and car rentals, or 3x points on travels around the globe!

Unlike any Chase Freedom® card this one has a hefty annual fee. The annual fee may be steep at $550 and an 18.49-25.49% variable APR. But it’s worth every penny when considering all that this offer includes.

Chase Freedom® credit cards: pick the right rewards card for you!

So, there you have it! Our guide to the best Chase Freedom® credit card for every type of spender.

We hope this helps make your decision a little bit easier (although we know it’s still no easy task). Just remember to take your time, do your research, and choose the best card for your needs. And most importantly, enjoy those rewards!

While we are on the subject of cashback and rewards. Take a look at our next article: What is the advantage of cashback for your life? And clarify any doubt you might have about this great benefit.

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