Series that are bingeworthy in 2022

Whether you're a fan of period dramas, sci-fi series, or comedy shows, there's something for everyone on television today. Find out what we think are some of the best current shows.


Wondering what to watch next on TV? Check out our list of the best series airing right now.

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Undoubtedly, we are in a golden age of television. With so many million-dollar productions and an extensive variety of mediums to watch from, it can be a little overwhelming to choose what your next favorite show will be. So far this year, television has delivered a host of spectacular series. Some were appraised by its casting and special effects, others by their plots and a simple yet effective storytelling. 

The truth is that nowadays there’s more series than there ever was. But we all know that most of the time, quantity does not equal quality. But amongst many mediocre series, 2022 has also provided some of the most interesting gems of the past decade. From broadcast networks to streaming services, there’s a genre for everyone to enjoy. They range from romantic comedies to alternative universes.

Some have an all-star cast, others have unknown new talents. But what they all have in common is the ability to transport the viewer into their world and remind us all why television can be such a powerful entertainment medium. 

Below, you’ll find some of the best series released or returning this year for your enjoyment. 

Hacks, on HBO Max

HBO Max hit the nail in the head with one of the sharpest, most cynical comedies of the last ten years. Hacks is a bold series, one that doesn’t shy away from relying on dark humor to engage its viewers. The show is an award-winning success, and returned in 2022 for its second season. Though not quite as funny as season 1, season 2 manages to keep its charm as it brings its two main characters to a breaking point. Even though the season finale could serve as a series finale, the show’s been confirmed for a third season. 

Upload, on Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime comedy returns for an equally poised second season. In the near future, people can upload their consciousness to the afterlife of their choosing – kind of like a virtual heaven. The stories provide a unique mix of pessimism and sweetness. Although the series presents itself as science-fiction, there are many down-to-earth stories of loss, love and comedy for everyone to enjoy.

Our Flag Means Death, on HBO Max

These are some of the most thrilling shows of 2022. Source: Adobe Stock.

No one was expecting a pirate romcom in 2022, but everyone’s happy they got one. From the minds of Taika Waititi and David Jenkins, “Our Flag Means Death” is one of the most delightful series released this year. The plot follows an unlucky gentleman pirate as he stumbles his way through the swashbuckling life until he catches the eye of one of the most legendary pirates of all time, Blackbeard – played by Waititi himself. The first season is filled with interesting stories, attention-grabbing plot twists and honorable guest roles. The series mixes farce and romance in a quirky and effective way. “Our Flag” has been renewed for a second season and should be returning in 2023. 

Atlanta, on FX

Returning with an outstanding third season after a four-year hiatus, Donald Glover’s social comedy was well worth the wait. A must-see for everyone who enjoys good television. Its third season 10 episodes arc is exceptional in a way only “Atlanta” knows how. The episodes are filled with social commentary with bold and allegorical examples of what it is like to be Black in America. The series’ razor-sharp examinations and thought-provoking situations are what make “Atlanta” one of the most singular shows of the past few years. 

Severance, on AppleTV+

Ben Stiller is the name behind this dystopian drama, and one of the most acclaimed series of the year. The story depicts one of the most brutally honest critiques of the corporate world and how capitalism affects us all. The timing couldn’t be more perfect too, since many companies are now demanding workers to return to the office after two years of working from home because of the pandemic. 

Severance’s premise is that of a world where people can separate (or “sever”) their work life and their personal life. That way, their real life self can never remember anything from work, and their working self can’t remember anything from their personal lives. It’s truly one of the most interesting series from Tim Cook’s streaming service and well worth a watch. 

Abbott Elementary, on ABC

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Quinta Brunson managed quite the feat in 2022, which is creating a successful and actually funny sitcom. In a time where companies are spending millions of dollars in production, she opted for a more simple route. “Abbott” is a brilliant show, filled with humor and instantly beloved characters. 

Brunson stars in the show herself, playing an energetic teacher at an elementary school. The show relies on workplace comedy and the hilarious – yet often harsh – reality of the difficulties of teaching in a public school system. Even though there are many sitcoms still airing, very few can brag about “Abbots” triumphs with its heatening themes and perfectly cast actors. 

Heartstopper, on Netflix

Definitely one of the most popular releases this year. Heartstopper is a wonderful story about two young boys and their journey through self-discovery. More than that, it’s a romcom with perfect casting choices telling the story of two people falling in love with each other. The show is based on a series of graphic novels by Alice Oseman, who’s also part of the show’s production. 

“Heartstopper” became an instant hit among Netflix subscribers and for a good reason. The series does an amazing job at portraying the tribulations of being a queer teenager. However, instead of opting for despair, it chooses hope as its theme. The use of animated sequences from the comics also adds a “fantasy” vibe to the production and is always well placed. 

Although these series provide viewers with beautiful and exciting stories, there’s another medium coming full-force this summer. If you are a moviegoer – or if you just miss the taste of greasy popcorn – follow the link below to learn which blockbuster movies we’re excited to see this summer!


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