CommBank Neo Card review: Get cashback with zero hidden fees

Find out more about the powerful and innovative new credit card from CommBank. Enjoy interest-free payments, zero late fees and cashback rewards with no hidden charges or small print. Learn more in the exclusive Commbank Neo Card review!


by Vinicius Barbosa

Published on 03/29/2023

CommBank Neo Card: All the perks of a great credit card without the hassle

This credit card is an affordable way to control your finances. Source: The News Stacker.

CommBank Neo is shaking things up for credit cards! So make sure you check out the CommBank Neo card review. This might just be the perfect card for you!

CommBank Neo Card

How to apply for the CommBank Neo Card

Learn how to apply for the CommBank Neo card, including eligibility requirements and documents required. Read on for more!

Say goodbye to percentages and instead say hello to cashback. Thanks to CommBank Rewards.

  • Credit Score: At least a good score
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Intro offer: None
  • Rewards: This card offers cashback rewards
  • APRs: 0%
  • Other Fees: Monthly fee of $12, $18, or $22 based on your credit limit

CommBank Neo is a breath of fresh air in the world of credit cards! No more complex calculations or hidden charges – just a simple, straightforward monthly fee. 

The CommBank Neo Card is certainly the way to go if you want an interest-free, late-fee-free experience. Not to mention no surprise changes or scary small print.

What more could you ask for? Keep reading our CommBank Neo Card review to learn more.

CommBank Neo Card review: What can you expect?

CommBank Neo has revolutionized how we pay, and you’ll love it. With no interest and no late fees. 

Plus three credit limits to choose from and an easy-to-understand monthly fee that won’t change without warning, you can pay worry-free. 

In addition, CommBank Rewards brings more value for eligible cardholders with cashback benefits. 

 CommBank is Australia’s largest banking institution, always ensuring Australians can access all the financial services they need. Such as fund management, superannuation, insurance, and more! 

And with their CommBank Neo Credit Card? Everything’s interest-free and with no late fees, either. Depending on your credit limit of $1K, $2K, or $3K, the flat monthly fee is low – just $12, $18, and $22, respectively. 

So if you don’t use your CommBank Neo Credit Card that month and keep your balance at zero, you’re not getting charged any fees. 

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing CommBank Neo Card review.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Bank from anywhere with this mobile app. Source: Freepik.

Let’s compare this card’s benefits and disadvantages. Check out the list we have prepared for this CommBank Neo Card review.


  • You won’t have to pay interest and late fees
  • You can choose three credit limits;
  • This card charges a low monthly fee. 
  • No fees for foreign exchange or additional cardholders
  • Cashback benefits for cardholders 


  • You won’t earn Awards points
  • There is no International travel insurance for this card
  • This card offers low credit limits

What are the eligibility requirements?

CommBank Rewards requires customers to meet a few eligibility requirements if they want to access it through the CommBank app. The most important one? 

A good credit score – no surprise there! As long as you’re at least 18 years old, you aren’t experiencing any financial hardship.

And if you don’t have any CommBank accounts in default, you can start enjoying CommBank Rewards. 

Get ready to take full advantage of the CommBank Neo Card and write a five-star review about it afterward!

Learn how to request the CommBank Neo Card

No more having to go into a CommBank branch and wait in line if you want the CommBank Neo Card.

We’ve got an insider scoop on how to get one online, so you can get your shopping and spending done easily! 

Tune into our next post for a step-by-step guide on requesting your CommBank Neo Card. There’s no need to search any further. All the information you need is just one click away!

CommBank Neo Card

How to apply for the CommBank Neo Card

Learn how to apply for the CommBank Neo card, including eligibility requirements and documents required. Read on for more!

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