What’s the difference between being rich and being wealthy?

If you're working hard to become rich, be careful. Maybe you should be aiming to become wealthy instead. This post will tell you why and give you some tips to achieve it.


Learn the deep meaning of these words that will change your mindset towards working hard for your finances

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Learn the difference between being rich and wealthy. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’ve never thought about it, you probably don’t know the difference between being rich and wealthy. Did you know that these words have distinct meanings? 

You will not find this in the dictionary. If you look just into the common meaning of the words, they will look just the same.

But in this post, we’ll take a different approach. We’ll look into this subject through the eye of some of the best economists and people looking to be wealthy and not just rich.

If you’re curious about what this all means, keep reading, and you’ll learn something new today. 

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Richness and wealthiness: is it the same thing?

If you look purely into the word meaning in the dictionary, there is no difference between being rich and wealthy.

Both words mean to have a lot of money or a lot of possessions in general. Let’s say they mean you have a lot of something. 

But get your mining gear ready because we’ll be going a little deeper into this concept. Thinking quickly, would you prefer being rich or being wealthy?

Most people think they want to become rich. They look after rich people and struggle to be just like them. But maybe you should be looking at wealthy people instead. 

We don’t hear about this concept very often because being rich is much more publishable. It involves spending a lot of money to “look” rich. Because one can be wealthy, and you wouldn’t even notice if you see a wealthy person walking by your side.

Being wealthy means having the stability to enjoy your life without worrying about your finances. You can live a humble life to be more wealthy, and this can value more than looking rich.

To simplify, let’s say that being rich is having a lot of money, and being wealthy is when you don’t worry about money anymore. A wealthy person has already established their finances sustainably, so there is always a source to keep getting the money you need to live with a good quality of life. 

A highlight of what defines rich and wealthy people

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You can spot a rich person, but not necessarily a wealthy person. Source: Adobe Stock.

If the concept is still not that clear, or if you’d like a resume, keep reading to get the highlights of what characterizes a rich and a wealthy person:

Rich person:

  • Have a lot of money
  • One can become instantly rich by gaining money in unexpected ways, like winning the lottery or being informed about some inheritance. 
  • On the other hand, a rich person can instantly become poor again if some kind of drawback happens in their life.
  • A rich person might spend a lot of money on expensive things, even if it risks their wealth.
  • They don’t necessarily have a career that can provide a living wage.

Wealthy person:

  • Have enough money to live comfortably with investments.
  • Debt-free, or make plans to pay off their debts in an intelligent way
  • It’s not something you can become overnight. You have to take some action and organize your finances to be wealthy.
  • Have a solid career to supply their needs.
  • With smart investments and financial management, keep a constant and stable source of income.
  •  They will put their responsibilities over their desires to spend money on material things, avoiding luxuries unless it fits into the budget.

Is it better to be wealthy or to be rich?

Let’s say being rich is one step to becoming wealthy. One can slowly work your way up to become rich and wealthy. 

Maybe you’ll never feel rich until you become wealthy. If you keep saving a little bit of money every month, consistently working, and slightly improving your income, you’ll see the difference in some 10 or 20 years. But during this period, you will not live as you’re rich.

You will not buy fancy clothes and an expensive car. And maybe you’ll not make international trips to luxury places frequently.

But one day, you’ll look at your savings and investments account and finish paying off your mortgage. Your kids are at college with no student loans. Life will feel just right. You have everything you need to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

This is something just wealthy people can experience. The difference between being rich and wealthy is that being rich does not grant you what you need forever. Your money can end up anytime if you don’t make smart investments and use it wisely.

How to become wealthy: enjoy being rich forever

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Learn how to become wealthy. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you want to become wealthy, you can follow a few tips to achieve this goal because you understand that there is a difference between being rich and wealthy.

Your future self and your descendants will thank you for choosing to become wealthy instead of rich. Pay attention to these tips:

  • Plan your budget and stick to it.
  • Think deeply about what you’re putting in your budget. Remember to include your basic needs, like housing, food, and transportation. But also include your dreams and savings.
  • Don’t overspend. Nothing you buy will fulfill your existential whole. Look for meaningful activities to give you a sense of happiness in your life.
  • Look for professional advice whenever you need it. After all, when you’re sick, you go to the doctor. So, regarding your finances, look for your accountant or bank manager. 
  • Invest your money instead of spending on luxury, and you’ll enjoy this money forever.

The pathway to success: these 8 steps can help you get wealthy – if that’s what you want

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The following post will teach you some essential steps to walk this way towards your success. The definition of success may be different for each one of us, but the method to get there is the same.

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