The pathway to success: 8 steps to get where you want

If your pathway to success looks like Mount Everest, take these tips to make it more achievable.


Find your pathway to achieve success and reach all of your goals

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What are the pathways to success? Source: Adobe Stock.

Success and acknowledgment are at the top of our pyramid of needs, but is there a pathway to success? And if it exists, how can you find it? This post will clarify this and other questions on this topic.


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Once we have our basic needs fulfilled, like housing, food, shelter, and love, it is natural that we seek higher goals. Or maybe these basic needs are all you really need, and you feel that success is getting these things.

Either way, there are a few steps to walk on this pathway to success. It doesn’t matter where this metaphysical place is located for you. Following these tips will help you get there.

Every journey starts with one step: 8 ways to walk through your pathway and reach success

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Learn how to achieve success with our tips. Source: Adobe Stock.

These tips will serve everyone. It doesn’t matter which level of success you’re trying to reach or which pathway you choose to follow. There are a few fundamental topics that you can apply in every plan and will help you achieve every goal.

Invest in self-knowledge

The first step to operating any device is knowing about it. You are the most complex piece of organic technology in the universe. You have a fantastic body with a super brain. Your mind has no boundaries, and your potential is infinite.

So, to guide yourself through this pathway to success, you must know how you work. What gives you motivation and energy, and what brings you down. Do you know what you really need? What do you need to be happy and function efficiently in your environment?

Regular appointments with a qualified psychologist and studying matters that touch humanity will be of utmost importance to developing your emotional intelligence. This is a very valuable differentiator.

Understand your starting point on the pathway and accept it to reach success

We all have been born in a specific situation. The place you were born, your family situation, and even your neurological development inside your mother’s womb will put you at some point in this path. You’ll have to deal with what you have.

But this does not determine your future. It is just the starting point. You must know where you are to trace your path on the map.

Take care of your health

Let’s think about ourselves as a car. The self-knowledge part is knowing how to drive it. But it will be for no use if the vehicle is not working. You have to keep an eye on the mechanicals and make repairs wherever it needs.

Putting yourself and your health first is not selfishness but being reasonable. The pathway to success will not walk by itself; you need physical and mental health.

Make sure to have a pleasurable exercise and some time to relax. If your stress level gets too high, you will be unable to focus on your goal.

Set your S.M.A.R.T. goals for success

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Learn the S.M.A.R.T. technique. Source: Adobe Stock.

Now that you’re ready to go on your adventure, it’s time to set your goal. But there is a better way to put this goal, and it’s called SMART. This acronym stands for:

  • Specific: If your goal is too generalistic, it will be harder to set your direction.
  • Measurable: You have to know when you’ve achieved your goal, so it has to be measurable. How can you get to an infinite place?
  • Achievable: Be reasonable about what you can accomplish without underestimating yourself too.
  • Relevant: Be true to yourself and ensure this goal is important to you. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing a lie.
  • Time-based: Having some kind of deadline or at least some perspective will help you plan your steps.

Study about the things you want to accomplish

Knowledge is power. Now that you’ve set your SMART goal, you have to prepare yourself for it. Invest in knowledge in the area, attend lectures, take courses, and read books on the subject.

Remember that even if everything else got taken away from you, you could rebuild it with wisdom and knowledge. The only thing that’s truly yours is the things you’ve learned.

Know that failure is normal on this pathway – and will undoubtedly happen before success

This pathway to success is not always going to be rainbows. It is perfectly normal that you’ll make mistakes and fail sometimes. If you make everything right on the first try, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world.

Because hitting the goal without ever trying it before is pure luck. Make peace with yourself and know that mistakes happen so we can learn from them.

And have you heard that you can make a mistake once but never twice the same? That’s not entirely true. If you make the same mistake again, laugh at yourself and pay attention next time you’re in the same situation.

Celebrate every achievement, even the small ones

And once failing is part of the way, give yourself credit every time you accomplish a new goal or learn a new skill. Take some time to rest and appreciate the place you are. Recognize and congratulate yourself for the new level you’ve reached. 

Don’t take anything for granted

So you’ve come all the way walking through this pathway and reached your success. Great! Congratulate yourself and celebrate with your loved ones.

But remember that nothing in this life is guaranteed. You’ll still have to work to maintain everything you’ve accomplished. The truth is that the pathway to success is a continuous journey. That’s what life is about. Enjoy the ride!

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