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Discovery Bank Platinum Card review: Enjoy Exclusive Rewards

Is the Discovery Bank Platinum Credit Card right for you? Read our latest review to find exclusive rewards, flight discounts, and more. Get ready for a truly elevated experience with this credit card.


Discovery Bank Platinum Card: Get rewarded with the most elite travel card

A Platinum card with benefits: read on and see how it works! Source: The News Stacker.

Looking to upgrade your lifestyle? Our latest Discovery Bank Platinum Card review has the answer. Get exclusive rewards and discounts on flights, healthy food purchases, and more! Get ready for a truly major experience.

The Discovery Bank Platinum card

How to apply for the Discovery Bank Platinum Card

You can now apply for the Discovery Bank Platinum Card and enjoy amazing lifestyle rewards, shopping deals, and more!

  • Requirements: Annual income between R350,000 and R850,000
  • Initiation Fee: R150 for credit limits less than R2,000; R185 for credit limits greater than R2,000
  • Monthly Fee: R69 for single credit facility; R55 for Discovery Vitality Money Premium
  • Rates: Instant payment fee of R10; up to 55 days’ interest-free credit on select transactions
  • Rewards: Up to 60% off local flights; up to 50% back on health food purchases; savings on international flights, accommodation, and car hire. Plus, up to 50% rewards when purchasing food, exercise equipment, and health products.

This exclusive credit card is ideal for those looking to experience luxurious lifestyle rewards and elevated benefits.

Perfectly suited for individuals who appreciate a higher standard of living, this premium offering will ensure you get exactly what you deserve.

Discovery Bank Platinum Card: What can you expect?

Discovery Bank’s Platinum Card is a mid-tier card for individuals earning between R350,000 and R850,000 per annum. 

With a single credit facility fee of R69, it offers excellent benefits for the price – such as up to 50% rewards from purchases of food, exercise equipment, and health products. 

Discovery Bank also provides customers with the Discovery Vitality Money Premium program, which gives additional savings on flights and international travel for just R55 per month. 

Moreover, its comprehensive account features include third-party debit orders, EFT payments, salary deposits, and 55 days of interest-free credit.

Discovery’s Platinum Card review sounds appealing to those looking to save on travel and health-related expenses.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

The Discovery Bank Platinum card
A credit card to match your lifestyle. Source: Canva.

Discovery Bank Platinum Card has much to offer, including several advantages and disadvantages. 

We have laid out all the benefits, points programs, fees, interest rates, and more side-by-side in our Discovery Bank Platinum Card review so that you can fully understand the pros and cons associated with getting this card.


  • This card offers high rewards for health and fitness;
  • Lower instant payment fees;
  • This card has flexibility on credit facility;
  • The card also offers immediate forex accounts;


  • There is a high initiation fee.
  • The income range for this card is very limited.
  • The card replacement fee is high.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Before applying to Discovery Bank for their Platinum Card, it is essential to review your credit score. 

Your credit score plays a critical role in determining whether the bank will approve your application or not. 

So, having a good credit score and managing it responsibly can give you the confidence that Discovery Bank will work with you in providing financial tools and options.

While good credit is required, Discovery Bank looks beyond just the numbers. They also consider stability, income, and commitment before approving a loan or card.

In other words, if you have managed your debt well in the past, Discovery Bank might be willing to invest in your future by granting you access to their Platinum Card.

Learn how to request the Discovery Bank Platinum Card

The Discovery Bank Platinum Card might be your ideal companion if you want something special. With its great rewards and benefits, why not apply today? 

In fact, our quick guide will show you how easy it is to get started. Just click on the link below and let us help jumpstart your journey!

The Discovery Bank Platinum card

How to apply for the Discovery Bank Platinum Card

You can now apply for the Discovery Bank Platinum Card and enjoy amazing lifestyle rewards, shopping deals, and more!

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