McDonald’s launches its 2022 FIFA World Cup campaign

With the help of Twitch Streamers, K-pop stars, TikTok stars and Ted Lasso himself, McDonald’s launched a new global campaign with a simple question that everyone asks on a daily basis: “wanna go to McDonald’s?” Read on for more.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 11/17/2022

McDonald’s enlisted global stars to ask a very simple question.

McDonald’s launches a new global campaign. Source: Adobe Stock.

McDonald’s, one of the sponsors for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, just launched its new global campaign ad. In an effort to appeal to soccer and fast food enthusiasts, the Golden Arches marketing team enlisted the help of a series of well known celebrities.

Jason Sudeikis, the Emmy-Award winning actor and creator behind Ted Lasso, Khaby Lame – the TikTok star – K-pop’s supergroup ITZY and Twitch Streamer Edwin Castro ask their audience a simple, yet enticing question: “wanna go to McDonald’s?”. 

This year’s FIFA World Cup will begin on November 20 and have its final match on December 18. As the world’s most important sporting event, it generally reaches billions of spectators across the globe. According to McDonald’s representatives, their new World Cup ad is their largest campaign in history. 

McDonald’s hits over 75 markets globally

Katie Dittmann, the manager of McDonald’s global brand communications and campaigns, said on LinkedIn that the new ad was launched simultaneously in over 75 international markets. 

Designed by Wieden+Kennedy New York, the campaign continues the fast food chain’s use of celebrities who are currently in the spotlight to promote its initiatives and brand products. 

On its website, the company released a statement. They say their brand believes in the power of soccer to unite all people. Regardless of the size of the stadium or the color on their kits, everyone’s goal is the same. That’s why McDonald’s is excited to bring everyone together as a 2022 FIFA World Cup sponsor. 

Appealing to World Cup enthusiasts

The new ad is appealing to fast food and soccer fans. Source: Adobe Stock.

McDonald’s further states that the idea behind the campaign is to demonstrate the ups and downs that come with being a soccer fan. It reminds us all that whether people are celebrating a victory or suffering a loss, McDonald’s is the best place in the world for everyone to come together. 

Morgan Flatley – McDonald’s Global Chief Marketing Officer – says that the new marketing campaign feels true for the Golden Arches fans. He goes on to say that people are rooting for different national teams during the World Cup. However, everyone can agree that every celebration is even better with the brand’s products. And every loss stings a little less while enjoying one of their meals. 

The short film is now online for the world to see. It was shot in 10 different languages at four locations around the world. It features celebrities and soccer fans asking the worldwide common question: “wanna go to McDonald’s?”. 

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