What are the 10 most expensive colleges in us: find the one for your income!

We know college can be expensive, but do you know which colleges are the most expensive in the US? This post will tell you. Keep reading to see if your dream college is on this list.


by Julia Bermudez

Published on 07/01/2022

10 most expensive colleges in the US: see if you can pay for them

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What are the most expensive colleges in the U.S.? Source: Adobe Stock.

We’ll tell you what are the most expensive colleges in the US. If you really want to attend some of these, you can find a way. There are many resources that you can resort to fund your studies.


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If you intend to have kids, you should start saving for their college right now. It can be very expensive to have a good education,  but it can also be life-changing. These colleges will open doors for you – after you open your wallet and your savings account to pay for it. 

What are the most expensive colleges in the US in 2022?

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See the most expensive colleges in the country. Source: Adobe Stock.

Many people create huge debts with student loans. The issue is so relevant that the president of the United States is currently with a proposal for debt forgiveness or alternative ways to pay them with public services.

The universities on this list are some of the most expensive in the country. But remember that there are several ways to pay for your studies. You can apply for scholarships, grants, work-study jobs, and private or federal student loans.

So, know that even if your chosen university is on this list of the most expensive colleges in the US, you can still attend it with proper planning. 

University of Rochester

To earn a degree at this prestigious university located in upstate New York, you will need to pay $75,305 per year. The University has an excellent careers program that helps you position yourself in the job market after completing your course.

University of Chicago

If you intend to major in Economics, you have certainly heard about the high quality of this University. You can start your education by studying how to raise the funds to pay for one of the most expensive universities in the United States. The annual cost of studying at the University of Chicago is $76,302 on average.

Boston College

Boston College is a Catholic educational institution, founded in 1863. Despite being one of the most expensive colleges in the US, it is one of the best in the country and the first in the city of Boston. Its mascot is the eagle, and its motto is “Ever to Excel”. Boston College has an accessibility program to ensure that all admitted students are able to afford their studies. It can cost you up to $75,422 per year to study here.

Yale University

How much does it cost to study at an elite Ivy League university? At Yale University you will pay $74,900 for each year of study. But you will be happy to have the opportunity to pay this amount, as only 6% of those who try to be approved get a spot. This is the third oldest higher education institution in the United States, founded in 1701. You can be sure that they have the tradition and quality to be among the best until these days.

Connecticut College

Even if you don’t have an application fee, studying at this college will cost you $75,315 a year. Connecticut College offers degrees in liberal arts, and nearly all of its students begin graduation or get a job right after finishing their undergraduate. It is one of the most expensive colleges in the US.


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Harvey Mudd College

The state of California is one of the most expensive to live in the country. And what would be the price to study at the most expensive college in the most expensive state? The answer: $77,339 a year. But most of its students receive some form of financial aid.

University of Pennsylvania

This university is part of the Ivy League, which means they strive to maintain an academic standard of the highest quality. The acceptance level is below 10%, and the price to pay to study at the best business university in the country is $76,826 on average.

University of Southern California

The film industry can be very profitable in the United States. And to have one of the best degrees in this field you can prepare to pay $77,459 a year to study at the University of South Carolina, one of the most expensive colleges.

Brown University

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Brown University is of the most expensive colleges in the U.S. Source: Adobe Stock.

With more than 250 years of history, Brown University is intensely dedicated to research and the quality of teaching to its students. It is located in the small state of Rhode Island, in the city of Providence. Students pay an average of  $76,476 per year to study here.

Dartmouth College

Although the Ivy League no longer has the same prestige in sports, you can be sure that you will be at a University that highly values the quality of teaching – and one of the most expensive colleges in the US. You can be sure that the $76,480 you will pay per year to study at Darthmound College will be well invested in your future.

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