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This powerful card reveals the key to unlocking a world of adventure and luxury.

Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card – Earn Qantas Points on your purchases.


Enjoy the rewards of Citi Premier’s Qantas Credit Card by earning up to a massive 100,000 points over 12 months. As an added bonus for new cardholders, you can get your hands on 80,000 extra Qantas Points when you spend $4,000 or more!


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Upgrade your travel experience with the Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card! Enjoy a host of incredible benefits, from generous rewards to flexible redemption options for flights and more. Make every journey better in no time at all!

High welcome bonus points;
Access international travel insurance;
Priority Pass for airport lounge visits;
There are no additional cardholder fees for up to four cardholders.

You will remain in the same website

With Citi Mobile®, you can easily keep tabs on your account and stay in control of your spending. Activate, check balances, and receive notifications to track transactions – plus uncover exclusive offers only available through the app! This convenient mobile solution makes managing your Qantas Premier Credit Card a breeze.

Unlock the world of luxury and convenience with Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card. Enjoy two complimentary airport lounge visits per year, accessible via your Priority PassTM membership – just sign up for it to experience a new level of comfort!

Although the Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card has an annual fee of $350, you can enjoy a reduced rate for your first year. Moreover, if you use your card wisely and spend up to $48,000 on qualifying purchases in one calendar year, you’ll receive another cost benefit – the entire annual fee will be waived!

Yes! You can access the International Travel Insurance feature with the Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card. You’ll be able to buy flights with your card and have the chance to cover medical expenses, loss, theft, and more!

Make your next trip one to remember. With the Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card, you’ll be jet-setting quickly! We’ve got all the info on how to start. Just take a look at our post below and prepare for lift-off!

Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card

How to apply for Citi Premier Qantas Card?

Ready to hit the skies but unsure where your wallet should go? Read this guide and learn how to apply for the Citi Premier Qantas Credit card

The Citi Clear Credit Card is a great option for an incredible welcome offer, discounts for luxury hotels, and cashback on Deliveroo purchases! It is worth considering if you’re unsure about getting the Citi Premier Qantas credit card. 

We advise paying attention to the application process: it should be as easy and fast as possible. 

That’s why there’s no better way to get this card than to read our post below to find out how to apply for it! Don’t forget. 

Without taking the first step of filling out the application form, you can’t enjoy all of this card’s features.

Citi Clear Credit Card

How to apply for Citi Clear Credit Card?

Learn how to apply for the Citi Clear Credit Card! Enjoy perks such as cashback opportunities, and get access to many other privileges.

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