The richest man in Canada: find out who is the man in this desired position

Imagine being able to buy everything you wanted? The richest man in Canada has this power. Learn who is this lucky man.


How much does the richest man in Canada own? We’ll tell you!

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Who is the richest man in Canada? Source: Adobe Stock.

As being a millionaire is not a big deal anymore, the richest man in Canada is certainly a major billionaire. What you don’t know is how much of a billionaire he is.

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The fight for the position of the richest man in Canada is not so fierce since very few manage to get there. But this year, there was a historic turnaround in Canada’s rankings. Read on to find out who is the richest man in Canada and who has fallen hard in this ranking.

The #1 among the richest: learn his secret to having this net worth

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Find out who is the richest businessman in Canada. Source: Adobe Stock.

The richest man in Canada is David Thompson, with an estimated net worth of $49,9 billion – according to Forbes. He also occupies the 24th position in the world ranking. 

And if you’re wondering why he is so rich, the answer is: he was born this way. His family holds titles of nobility, and the Thomson surname carries prestige and fortune for generations in Canada.

David Thomson is the third Baron Thomson of Fleet, a peerage of his British heritage. He is currently the president of Thomson Corporation and Thomson Reuters. Despite having a degree in Arts, he pursued a career in business just like his father.

Although he sought independence by starting his own firm, Osmington Incorporated, most of his fortune is owed to his family heritage. However, he plans to hand over responsibility for the family business to another member and devote himself fully to his art and real estate investments.

He lost billions of dollars in a couple of months: what happened to the ex-richest man in Canada

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He used to be the richest man in Canada but lost billions of dollars. Source: Adobe Stock.

This post would have been totally different a few months ago. The richest man in Canada was also one of the richest men in the world. Today, he is the second richest man in Canada.

Changpeng Zhao’s fortune was once very close to $100 billion, and he was ranked close to the likes of Larry Page, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos.

It turns out that Zhao was a billionaire in the cryptocurrency business. If you are familiar with the world of finance, especially the crypto market, you already know what happened.

Zhao is the CEO and founder of 1binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With the colossal 70% drop in the value of Bitcoin, the value of his company plummeted with it. Today, its net worth is estimated at “only” $17.4 billion. He says he doesn’t care about numbers, but this remains an impressive number.

Zhao was born in China but moved with his family to Canada after being banned. He tried to settle again in China and later in the Cayman Islands. But he currently resides in Dubai.

Learn more about the richest Canadians: the top 20

We already know who the first and second on the list are. Let’s get to know who occupies the other 18 places, according to Forbes, and what their investments are.

3) Jim Pattison – $11.7 billion

Tycoon investor, he is the owner and CEO of the Jim Pattison Group, the second-largest private company in Canada. He is also an investor and a philanthropist.

4) David Cheriton – $9.8 billion

David is a computer scientist who graduated from the University of British Columbia. He is a university professor and avid investor and developer in the field of technology.

5) Anthony von Mandl – $9.3 billion

Anthony started his fortune from scratch. He started as a representative of European wines in Canada. In 1981 he bought his first winery, and in 1994 his Chardonnay was awarded internationally, putting Canada on the winemaking map. He is passionate about the art of producing and selling quality drinks, being a pioneer and reference in the market.


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6) Joseph Tsai – $8.8 billion

Joseph Tsai was born in Taiwan but is a Canadian citizen. He is a self-made billionaire and became one of the richest men in Canada with e-commerce and other diversified investments. He founded Alibaba Group with Jack Ma.

7) Mark Scheinberg – $5.3 billion

Sometimes we make the right bet, and that’s what happened with Mark Scheinberg. He and his family founded PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site. He profited heavily from the sale and diversified his portfolio by investing in real estate and other luxury services.

8) Alain Bouchard – $5.2 billion

Everyone at some point will need a convenience store. Alain made a solid investment in this area when he opened his first Alimentation Couche-Tard store. Today, the group is an international franchise with 14,000 stores around the world.

9) Chip Wilson – $5.1 billion

Dennis “Chip” Wilson made his fortune by founding Lululemon, selling clothing and sports equipment. Today he invests in real estate and other assets

10) Huang Chulong – $4.7 billion

The Self-made billionaire Huang Chulong is CEO of Galaxy Group, but his net worth is due to a very varied portfolio of investments, including real estate, hotels, and malls, among others.

Who is on this list from 11th to 20th place:

  • Emanuele (Lino) Saputo & family – $4.8 billion
  • Bruce Flatt – $4.5 billion
  • Daryl Katz – $4.3 billion
  • Arthur Irving – $4.1 billion
  • Leonid Boguslavsky – $4.1 billion
  • Carlo Fidani – $4.1 billion
  • James Irving – $4 billion
  • Alex Shevchenko – $4 billion
  • Max Lytvyn – $4 billion
  • Pan Dong – $3.5 billion

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