Easy steps to making friends as an adult

Learn about the best ways to make friends as an adult with this helpful guide. Whether you're new in town or just looking for a new group of friends, these tips will help.


Check our easy guide on how you can expand your social circle

making friends as adult
Learn how to make new friends. Source: Canva.

Making friends as an adult can feel like a daunting task. You’re busy with work and family commitments, and networking just isn’t quite the same. Thankfully, there are tried-and-true strategies to make new friendships even when life is hectic or transitioning. 

Whether you need platonic pals to hang out with or meaningful relationships that go beyond anything surface level. Below are some fool-proof ways of making friends as an adult!

From getting involved in local groups to using technology to meet like-minded individuals, these tips will help anyone looking for supportive social circles navigate the often overwhelming world of adulthood.

Read on to learn the ways of making friends as an adult!

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Why is having friends so important?

Friendship is vitally important in life, no matter what age you are. It’s the people around us who make our daily lives more enjoyable.

Plus, having a strong support system of friends can often provide the perspective and motivation we need when making difficult decisions.

As adults it can sometimes be even more challenging to make friends. Yet taking time for ourselves to build strong social ties is essential for our overall happiness and wellbeing.

Having a close group of friends offer a series of benefits to your mental as well as your physical health. Mostly because friendship provides things that you can’t get by yourself.

Research shows that having friends lower the risks of cardiovascular disease, and even a compromised immune system. It also dissipates the feelings of social isolation and loneliness. 

Friends can also help you cope with stress. And making new friends as an adult can help you boost your self-esteem.

Having people around to celebrate your achievements and show support is a determining factor for your overall well being. 

Why is making new friends as an adult so difficult?

making friends as adult
Everybody needs to have friends! Source: Canva.

Making friends as an adult can be strangely intimidating. Whether it’s a new job, moving to a different city, or making the jump from studying to the real world – making that first connection with someone can feel like starting from scratch.

It’s tough making friends beyond your pre-existing network and circles! Epecially when you no longer have the built-in social activities of school like clubs or sports teams to provide common ground.

To top it off, making yourself vulnerable by putting yourself out there and getting rejected is something no one looks forward to.

Despite all the challenges, the payoff of making meaningful connections with others outside of your core group can be life changing.

Taking a leap and finding those pieces of yourself that you share in common with unrepresented groups could contribute something unique to your life experience that was previously missing. 

To help you get started, we brought some useful tips you can use for making friends as an adult. See them below!

Know what you’re looking for

Making friends as an adult can be difficult and intimidating, but with the right technique it may be easier. One of the most important tips to making friends as an adult is making sure you know what you want.

Thinking about your goals and objectives beforehand allows you to focus on people and opportunities that are in alignment with what is important to you.

Knowing upfront what kind of friend or connections you would like helps guide your conversations and interactions toward making meaningful relationships.

So, if making new friends is something that you’re looking to do, make sure you have a clear idea of what type of friendship or connection that is important to you.

This will help launch your social circle in the right direction!

Put yourself out there

Making friends as an adult can be tough! Which is why putting yourself out there is the technique to get you there.

Take the opportunities that come your way, and don’t be afraid of making the conversation or making the moves.

Don’t shy away from activities that encourage interaction with others, such as joining a class, volunteering or even attending meet-ups centered on a particular hobby.

Through social interaction, you begin to form relationships that lead to making connections and growing your circle of friends.

It may seem like a daunting task at first, but when you become more confident in making new relationships, making friends becomes easier than ever!

Make good use of technology

making friends as adult
Find people who have something in common with you. Source: Canva.

One of the best techniques to making friends as an adult is to try online groups.

Whether you join a virtual book club, Facebook group or find like-minded people on social networks, it’s never been easier to connect with the world and make friends.

Not only can this be a great way to expand your circle, but there’s also no pressure in making conversation when it comes to making connections digitally.

If you’re looking for a good place to start making friends as an adult, explore the world of online groups!

Get on a friendship app

Many people have trouble making friends as an adult, especially if they recently moved to a new town or city. Fortunately, there is a simple technique you can use to meet great friends: downloading a friendship app!

A friendship app offers the ideal solution for making meaningful connections with like-minded people in your local area – without ever having to leave the house!

It’s easy to use and highly effective; all you have to do is sign up with your basic information and start making connections.

In no time at all, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to join activities or start conversations with people who share your interests. Give it a try and see how easy making friends can be as an adult!

Join a club or start volunteering

One great way to take the pressure off yourself while making connections with others is to start volunteering or joining a club.

Volunteering in your local community offers meaningful opportunities to do something good for others and simultaneously get out of your comfort zone by meeting new people and making new relationships.

Joining a club can also be exciting; there are a variety of clubs out there that offer you ways to meet people who share similar interests, hobbies, and values as you.

So if making friends as an adult has been giving you trouble, why not try volunteering or joining a club – you’ll never know what amazing friendships could come from it!

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