TikTok is introducing new editing tools to the platform

TikTok users have a new reason to celebrate as the platform is offering more ways for them to create and edit their content. Read the content below to learn more about TikTok’s new editing features.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 10/10/2022

Now users can easily adjust images, sounds and texts! Read on for more.

TikTok editing tools
TikTok has new editing tools. Source: Adobe Stock.

TikTok now has new editing tools to give users more creative resources to create their content. The company made an announcement on Thursday and the changes are already available to TikTokers in the U.S. and most parts of the globe. These new tools will allow content creators to adjust images, clips, text and sound. 

The new TikTok editing tools have some interesting features, like allowing users to stack and trim videos. They also let them slow down or speed up the pace of video recordings. Editing and posting videos on TikTok is not a hard task. The idea behind these TikTok editing tools is to provide more creative ways for users to play around with their creations. 

Additionally, TikTok is also introducing new editing tools for sounds. Users can now set the duration for the sounds they use in their videos with cut and trim resources. An added bonus is that sound effects have also been available since the announcement. 

Sounds are undoubtedly a big part of all of TikTok’s content and generally create trends that even migrate to other social media platforms. That said, it’s no surprise that the company is investing in the way users can utilize sounds in their creations. 

Another interesting feature in the new TikTok editing tools is that users now have the ability to easily edit and position the duration of text in their content. There’s also a feature that allows users to add pictures and videos overlays for picture-in-picture and video-in-video stacking. Lastly, users can also rotate or zoom in and out of individual video clips. 

The new TikTok editing tools promote creativity within its user base

TikTok editing tools
TikTok hopes to expand its user base with new resources for editing. Source: Adobe Stock.

TikTok now has a Photo Mode feature that allows users to share carousel posts of consecutive images. In addition, users can also add music to these images, and their followers can swipe through them at will. The company stated that this specific feature is to give users a chance to share their high-quality pictures on the platform. 

Interestingly enough, the new TikTok editing tools come just as Instagram – which started as a photo-sharing app – is changing its platform to rival against TikTok. The new high-resolution photo mode could appeal to Instagram users to migrate and share their pictures on TikTok instead.

Another appealing new feature is that recently, TikTok added the ability for users to share up to 2,200 characters on their content’s description. The company believes that the extra space will provide creators with a chance to build their stories better. 

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