The TOP 12 richest people in the world

You would love to be on this list. These are the wealthiest people on the entire planet, and you'll learn how much money they own. It will surprise you.


Learn who is on the top of the economic pyramid: can you guess their fortune?

richest Businessman in the world in private jet
The richest people in the world certainly fly on private jets. Source: Adobe Stock.

Certainly, most people dream of being one of the richest people in the world. Can you imagine what it feels like? Well, the people on this list know the feeling, because they are!

Some have become rich with technology, others with industry and commodities. They are predominantly businessmen, and their fortune depends on their company’s value. 

Let’s take a look at the top 12 richest people in the world and how they become so rich. Maybe you’ll get inspired and can figure among them in a few years. 

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The 12 richest are on this list: who are the people at the top of the world?

stylish rich businessman holding money to become richest people in the world
You can become rich too if you learn with the richest people in the world how to do it. Source: Freepik.

Some of these men have more money than the annual budget of small countries. We’ll tell you the top 12 billionaires of the 2,668 that exist in the world.

Pay attention to their pathway to success, so you can walk on your own way to the top of the list.

12) Carlos Slim – $85.1 billion

Have you ever heard the mythological story of the man who turned everything he touched into gold? It seems that this figure exists, and lives in Mexico.

Carlos Slim is known as “Midas”, in reference to the myth, and is worth $85.1 billion, which makes him one of the richest people in the world today. His main business is in the area of telecommunications.

He is known for getting satisfactory results from businesses that were apparently lost or in decline. His father was a merchant and taught him from an early age how business works.

11) Steve Ballmer – $85.9 billion

Who has a good friend, has everything. And what can you say when this friend is Bill Gates? That you’re a lucky man!

Steve Ballmer has worked in Microsoft’s global leadership for many years. His important position has given him hefty earnings, plenty of business experience, and a résumé to envy.

Even being retired, Steve Ballmer continues to do business and invest his income. His $85.9 billion fortune is doing very well and keeps growing.

10) Mukesh Ambani – $88.5 billion

The second non-American man on this richest people in the world list comes from India. His investment portfolio is well-diversified, and his net worth of $88.5 billion has made him one of the richest men on the Asian continent.

He owns the most expensive house in the world. Called “The Antilia”, the house that looks more like a shopping mall has 27 floors, several of which are just for parking. The house also has a Hindu temple, movie theater, dance studio, three helipads, and much more.

9) Sergey Brin – $90.5 billion

I’m sure you’ve used a product developed by Sergey Brin. You can be using it right now. His product became so famous that it even became a verb when you say to a friend to “just google it”.

An immigrant from the Soviet Union, he became friends with Larry Page in college. The two teamed up to create Google in a California garage and figure among the richest people in the world.

Graduated in computer science, Sergey Brin remains a shareholder in Google even after he left his position as president.

8) Larry Page – $94.1 billion

Friends in college who remain together on the list of the richest men in the world. A step ahead of his friend, Larry Page ranks 7th with a fortune of $94.1 billion.

His talent runs in his family, being the son of a computer scientist. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a co-founder of Google, and one of the most influential people in the world.

7) Warren Buffet, the richest investor in the world – $96.3 billion

Known as the greatest investor in history, Warren Buffet is an inspiration to the new generations of traders that are emerging and growing.

Born in Nebraska in 1930, Warren made his fortune in the investment world and remains active, even though he is well into his 90s.

He is the author of several books where he teaches the steps of success in the investment world.

6) Larry Ellison – $96.9 billion

riches man in the world in front of car
What would you buy if you were one of the richest people in the world? Source: Freepik.

His name is Lawrence, but you can call him Larry. When he dropped out of college, his father was disappointed. Little did he know that his son would become one of the richest men in the world anyway.

Born in New York, Larry moved to California, the birthplace of the greatest software developers. It was there that he managed to develop a database for none other than the CIA.

5) Gautam Adani & family – $101.6 billion

The second Indian on the list is the first to achieve a 9-figure fortune. At $101.6 billion, he is one of the richest people in the world and is named after his family all over the world.

The Adani Group is a gigantic company and is responsible for much of the port activities in India. His father worked in the textile industry, where he also learned about logistics.

4) Bill Gates, a reference when thinking about rich people – $124.1 billion

For a long time, Bill Gates was recognized as the richest man in the world and is still a reference in the world of technology.

Bill Gates developed Microsoft, and changed the field of software development once and for all, being today a giant in this industry.

3) Jeff Bezos – $135.3 billion

Jeff Bezos has already held the position of the richest in the world and was on the verge of being the first trillionaire if the prospects for Amazon were consolidated.

In addition to Amazon, Jeff owns the Washington Post, and a space company, Blue Origin.

2) Bernard Arnault & family – $144.7 billion

Despite not being as popular as the man in the third place, Frenchman Bernard Arnault is the second richest person in the world.

This is because he owns the top brands in the fashion world. And we’re not talking about just any brand, but the most luxurious: Tiffany & Co, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc. Surely every other billionaire on this list buys their company’s products.

1) Elon Musk, the richest person in the world – $221.4 billion

In the first place, we have this famous and controversial businessman. His fortune of $221.4 billion is well above the runner-up.

Elon Musk is practically a celebrity, and his actions and speeches have a huge impact on the world economy.

Owner of several companies, including Tesla, Neuralink, SolarCity, and SpaceX. Ellon Musk has very audacious projects, such as transforming energy sources and colonizing the planet Mars.

And if these are the richest people in the world, who are the richest kids in the world? They have a great start, let’s see if they manage to improve their net worth, or if they lose it.

Cute little child with a smartphone under dollar rain

Who is the richest kid in the world?

How much money does a kid needs? The children on this list have more than enough to live a very comfortable life. Can you guess who is the richest kid in the world?

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