Who is the richest kid in the world: it may be surprising! 

How much money does a kid needs? The children on this list have more than enough to live a very comfortable life. Can you guess who is the richest kid in the world? Read this post to find out.


Know some of the richest kids nowadays: they own millions.

Smiling toddler in luxurious fur coat and hat in the rain of money richest kid in the world
Who is the richest kid in the world? Source: Adobe Stock.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the richest kid in the world? Can you imagine being born with absolutely no worries about your future?

Everything is already granted. You’ll be able to live anywhere you wish to, play with every toy, and go to every single Disneyland in the world. How about you never hear the words “student loan” when you want to go to college? What a dream.

But life is not just a bed of roses for these kids. Being rich and/or famous can be overwhelming even for grown-up men and women. It is a double-edged sword.

On one side, they have the purchasing power to do everything they want, even to travel around the world, go to any place, and buy anything. However, on the other hand, they lose a lot of freedom and privacy, as their guardians will fear for their safety. Some bad people could kidnap them to ask for a ransom. 

But ok, it’s not like having some million dollars is a bad thing, right? The richest kid in the world is very lucky to have this net worth. Let’s see who they are and how they got so rich.


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Who are the richest kids in the world?

Happy child has idea. Good idea equals money. Lucky kid boy richest kid in the world
Some kids have great ideas that make them rich. Source: Adobe Stock.

In the past, the only way to be the richest kid in the world was to be born one. If your parents were wealthy, you would be rich too. But nowadays, things have changed.

Today, you can turn into a rich kid in many ways. But most of these self-made millionaires have achieved this spot by being famous somehow. Some are TV or movie stars. Others took a ride on the influencers wave and became famous on youtube or other social networks.

However, we have some exceptional kids that got rich with their own businesses. Some started their own tech companies or even retail and providing services. 

Let’s see some of each case. The ones who were born rich, the ones who got famous by themselves, and the young entrepreneurs

Mikaila Ulmer

There is a tradition in the U.S. of children selling lemonade in the front yard to earn some pennies and start learning about finances. But Mikaila Ulmer pushed the limits of kids-play and turned her lemonade into a million-dollar business.

Using her grandma’s recipe, she sweetens the lemonade with honey and donates part of her profit to organizations that care for bees. The lemonade was a big success, and now it sells hundreds of thousands of bottles across the U.S, which built her $1.5 million net worth. She is not the richest kid in the world, but is a very rich one.

Blue Ivy Carter

This little queen was already born in their parent’s kingdom. Blue Ivy is the first daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who together have a fortune of $2 billion. Despite not yet possessing her own wealth, she already lives a life of luxury like the richest kid in the world.

Ryan Kaji: the richest kid in the YouTube world.

The richest YouTuber in the world is also the youngest. At only nine years old, Ryan Kaji has almost $30 million net worth. And his fortune will continue growing, as he has many products with his name and even a tv show at Nickelodeon. He makes toy reviews, scientific experiments, and many other things on his YouTube channel.

Griffin Spikoski: the richest kid in the gaming world.

If your mom told you some time to stop playing video games to study for your future career, she might regret it after hearing about Griffin Spikoski. He is known as Skeptic on the internet and social media, the nickname he uses to stream his video game plays.

At the age of 14 years old, he started making a lot of money as a gamer and streamer on Twitch and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Playing video games can turn you into the richest kid in the world.

Daniellyn Birkhead

This young lady has a tragic history and the way she gained her inheritance is not exactly a blessing. Her mother was a famous model who made a lot of money posing for magazines. When Daniellyn was born, her older brother visited her and her mother at the hospital and died of an unintentional overdose of prescripted drugs.

Her mom got so deeply depressed after this incident that she also died of an overdose a few months later. And if this isn’t dramatic enough, her mother’s death started a legal dispute over Daniellyn’s paternity, as she would inherit a large fortune from her mother.

But a DNA test proved that her father is Larry Birkhead. Daniellyn also started modeling as a kid, but her $3 million net worth is due to her inheritance. 

This is the richest child alive: did you know?

Cheerful little girl with long brunette hair in tulle skirt holding princess crown on head isolated on pink background. Celebrating brightful carnival for kids, birthday party, having fun cute kid.
How much money does a little princess possess? Source: Adobe Stock.

But after all: who is the richest kid in the world? Unlikely some other kids we’ve mentioned but similarly to others, this child was already born rich. More than rich, she was born royal.

We know every girl is their parent’s little princess, but this one is an actual princess. We are talking about Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. She is the middle daughter of Prince William and Catherine, the Duch and Duchess of Cambridge, who is now six years old and has an estimated net worth of $5 billion

The British Royal Family is for sure one of the most powerful families in the world, and it is even hard to estimate their net worth, as well as Princess Charlotte’s net worth, which is based on her influence on the British economy and inheritance. The richest kid in the world is already a billionaire.

Even though she is the fourth in line and her older brother is the third, she has more economic influence. Every mother in the U.K. wants her daughter to look like a princess. So, if she’s seen wearing a specific dress or shoes, or if she plays with some toy, these mothers will run to the stores and buy it.

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