What quarters are worth money: these quarters are worth more than just a change

Find out which quarters are worth the most money and why. Discover what coins are made out of different metals and their corresponding values.


Some quarters are worth a lot more than 25 cents.

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Maybe that quarter on your drawer is worth more than just a couple of cents. Source: Freepik.

Do you ever look at your spare change and wonder what quarters are worth money?

Quarters are worth money, but the kind of money they are worth depends on what metal they are made out of. Each type of metal is worth a different amount.

For example, a copper quarter is worth about two and a half times its face value, while a silver quarter is worth about ten times its face value. There are also quarters made out of gold, which is worth even more.

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The most valuable quarters! These quarters are worth a lot of money!

If you’re a coin collector, then you know that quarters can be worth a lot of money. In fact, there are some quarters that are worth more than $1,000 each! But what makes these quarters so valuable?

The most valuable quarters are those that were minted in the early 1900s. These quarters are made of 90% silver and 10% copper, and they are quite rare. In fact, there are only a few hundred thousand of these quarters in existence. 

You could have a rare quarter worth hundreds or even thousands! Check what quarters are worth a lot of money.

These next two quarters were auctioned and are worth a lot of money.

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Maybe you have already held one of the most valuable quarters in the U.S. Source: Pexels.

As with works of art and other valuable objects, coins can also be auctioned. Many of them are snatched at a very high price. The following coins are good examples of quarters that are worth a lot of money.

1964-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS68

While most quarters are only worth 25 cents, there are a few rare exceptions. And this one is one of the most valuable quarters there is, being worth a lot of money.

This quarter is from 1964, and it has been graded by Professional Coin Grading Service as being in Mint State 68 condition.

This quarter is nearly perfect, with only a few small flaws. As a result, it was auctioned and sold for more than $30,000.

The 1965 Washington Quarter PCGS MS67 

This coin is a rare find, with only one in every ten reaching this high condition. The Gem Brilliant Uncirculated coins are even harder to come by. It sold for over $12,000 at an auction.

Watch out for these quarters in your pocket: they can be worth some money!

The 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf Quarte

They were minted in limited quantities and have an extra leaf on the maple tree on the back of the coin. As a result, these quarters are worth money, with some specimens selling for upwards of $1,000. 

While most people will never stumble upon one of these quarters, it’s still fun to know that there are hidden treasures out there waiting to be found. Who knows, maybe you have a fortune sitting in your couch cushions!

 2005 Minnesota Double Die Quarter

If you’re lucky enough to find this quarter with its double-die design, then this quarter could be worth money: up to $1500! 

This coin is unique because it has only been around for five years. There has already been some demand for it because it is so rare.

The 1964-D Washington Quarter 

one coin photo uarters are worth money
Can you imagine receiving hundreds of dollars for a single coin? Source: Pexels.

Has 90% silverin its composition and a diameter of 24.3 mm. On one side is a bust of George Washington, and on the other, an eagle with outstretched wings.

The coin is graded MS68 by PCGS, which means it is a high-quality coin with few imperfections.

Quarters like this would likely be worth some good money, around $30 in circulated condition. However, if you have this quarter in mint condition, it could be worth much more.

Mint state quarters are graded on a scale of 1 to 70, with 70 being perfect. A coin like this would likely be worth around $500 in mint condition

The 2009-D District Of Columbia Double Die Quarter

This quarter is a rare coin that was minted with two dies instead of one. It’s currently worth around $5 and $20, making it more valuable than other quarters in circulation!

The Delaware Spitting Horse Quarter

In 1999, this quarter was minted with an Error on the reverse side. The coin’s value has gone up because of its rare varieties, and collectors will pay up to $20 for them!

The 1982 Washington Quarter

Minted in high quantities, a quarter is not rare. However, many were melted down for their silver content- meaning there are fewer of them around, and they can be worth anywhere from 50 cents up to $5 dollars depending on how well preserved the coin has been!

The 1964 Washington Quarter

This one is worth a lot more than regular quarters. The most valuable error quarters are those that were minted with the wrong metal. These quarters are made of copper instead of silver and are worth about $200 each.

If you’re lucky enough to find one of these rare coins, be sure to hold onto it tightly!

There are only a handful of these quarters in circulation, so if you find one, it could be worth a pretty penny. Before spending your quarters, take a close look at them to see if they could be worth more than face value. Who knows, you might end up with a pocket full of cash!

Even though these quarters are worth a lot of money, they are not yet the most expensive thing in the world. Do you wanna know what it is? Keep reading our next article.

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