Apple is raising prices on all its subscription services

If you subscribe to Apple Music, Apple TV Plus or has the Apple One package, get ready to pay a little extra for them. The company is bumping prices effective immediately. Get the scoop here!


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 10/26/2022

The company cites licensing and producing costs as the reason behind it.

Apple raising prices
Apple is raising prices of its subscription services. Source: Adobe Stock.

Apple is raising prices for the first time in years on its Apple Music and Apple TV Plus subscription plans. The Apple One package that provides a bundle of both services with a few exclusive others is also going through price adjustments. 

With the adjustments, new subscribers to Apple Music will have to fork up an extra dollar for the service, now at $11 a month. Apple is also raising prices for the family plan by $2, now at $17. The company’s video streaming platform, Apple TV Plus, will now cost $7 a month with a $2 increase.

Apple is also raising prices on Apple One – the company’s bundle service. The package is now at $16.95 per month with a $2 bump. Apple One’s family plan now hits $22.95 per month, and the premier tier is $32.95. That’s a $3 increase on both. 

The Apple One bundle offers Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade gaming, iCould remote storage services and Apple Music. The premier tier offers all of these services, plus Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus. By signing up to the premium plan, subscribers also get access to multiple newspapers and magazines.

Existing subscribers can expect their Apple bill to go up soon. People with an Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and Apple One subscription will receive a notification about the price increase 30 days before it takes place. 

For a lot of existing members with monthly plans, it means the company will charge them the current rate once more before the increase. 

Apple is raising prices to cover payouts and licensing

Apple raising prices
It’s the first price increase since 2019. Source: Adobe Stock.

According to an Apple spokeswoman, the reason behind the raising prices are licensing costs and proper payouts to artists and songwriters. She also noted that their video streaming platform Apple TV Plus had started at a low price with fewer content. 

Now, the platform is home to a series of award-winning and acclaimed TV shows, movies, documentaries and broad family entertainment. 

Even with Apple raising its subscription prices, their streaming services still fall into an average rate. Spotify’s individual premium plan is currently at $10 a month, which is just $1 less than what Apple charges for Apple Music. 

Apple TV continues to be among the cheaper subscription video platforms, even with the price increase to $7. Netflix’s standard plan is $15,50, and Disney Plus is increasing its ad-free membership to $11 in December. 

Apple raising its prices is just the latest in a series of increases among popular subscription services as the world’s struggles with high inflation. Disney, Netflix, Spotify and even YouTube have all raised at least one subscription rate in the last two years. While some of these price increases have been focused on family plans, Apple opted for a more broad alternative.

5 of the best streaming services to subscribe to in 2023!

With Apple raising its subscription prices, the question you have to ask yourself is if their content is worth the adjustment. If you’re unsure about starting or keeping your subscription and wants to shop around before committing to it, check the link below with the best streaming services to subscribe to in 2023!

streaming costs

5 streaming services to subscribe to in 2023!

Check out our list to find the perfect streaming service for you next year!

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