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Citi Rewards+® Credit Card review

The Citi Rewards+® Credit Card lets you earn more points than ever before on every purchase. Read our comprehensive review to learn everything this card hasto offer.


Citi Rewards+® Credit Card: Earn much more on what you spend the most money on!

Citi Rewards+® Credit Card
This credit card is not called “Rewards+” for no reason. Read this review! Source: The News Stacker.

Are you searching for a credit card that can help you save money, earn rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits? Then the Citi Rewards+® Credit Card may be the perfect fit for you.

Citi Rewards+® Credit Card

See how to apply for the Citi Rewards+® card

The Citi Rewards+® Card is perfect for anyone looking to earn rewards on every purchase. See how to apply and start earning today!

You’ll earn points on your everyday purchases and be able to maximize their value with a comprehensive suite of redemption options.

Plus, you’ll benefit from additional reward program perks like access to special events  and more.

  • Credit Score: You need an established score ranging from good to excellent.
  • Annual Fee: No monthly, annual or any kind of maintenance fee.
  • Intro offer: New cardholders who make at least $1,500 on purchases within the first three months will earn 20,000 bonus points.
  • Rewards: 2 points per dollar spent on gas and supermarkets up to $6,000 per calendar year (1% once you reach that limit). 1 point on everything else.  
  • APRs: New users will get a zero percent annual percentage rate for the first 15 months from account opening on purchases and balance transfers. Then, a variable between 17.24% – 27.24% applies. Cash advances have a 28.99% variable APR.
  • Other Fees: Using this card abroad will cost you a 3% foreign fee. Balance transfers within the first 4 months have a 3% fee, and 5% after that period. Late payment fees are up to $41, and there’s also a 5% cash advance fee. 

The Citi Rewards+® Credit Card convenient features allows you to monitor your spending patterns while enjoying all the perks Citi can offer.

Read on to learn why this is one of the best cards out there – it pays its dividends back in no time flat!

What can you expect from the Citi Rewards+® Credit Card?

The Citi Rewards+® Credit Card is designed with convenience and rewards in mind.

With this card, you can earn points on your everyday purchases such as gas and grocery stores, as well as a flat rate on everything you buy.

In addition to earning points quickly and easily, you’ll also enjoy redeeming rewards with a simple click – the Citi Rewards+® Credit Card has one of the industry’s best redemption rates.

Plus, Citi offers you the flexibility of redeeming for whatever you want most among their wide selection of statement credit, gift cards, travel, and more.

On top of it all, the card has no annual fee and provides one of the most generous welcome bonuses in the market.

Citi’s exclusive feature rounds up your every purchase to the nearest 10 points, which allows you to rack up your earnings with an impressive speed.

You’ll also get 10% back up to 100,000 per calendar year! 

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

using Citi Rewards+® Credit Card for online shopping
You will get rewards on everything you buy with this credit card. Source: Canva.

The Citi Rewards+® Credit Card provides a great array of incentives and benefits, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before signing up for it. 


  • No membership fees allows you to keep your money in your pocket;
  • Lengthy 0% period that applies for purchases and balance transfers;
  • High rewards rate that allows you to earn much more, and faster;
  • Easily redeemable rewards with points that never expire.


  • There’s a yearly $6,000 spending caps on the best rewards rate;
  • You’ll have to pay a fee for every balance transfer – even during the promo period;
  • You can end up with a high regular APR depending on your creditworthiness.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for this card, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a good to excellent credit score.

Citi also requires that you provide proof of identity and address, such as a valid Driver’s License, and current utility bill.

Additionally, Citi performs a credit check to assess the eligibility of potential cardholders with a hard pull. Therefore, make sure you meet the issuer’s criteria before you apply. 

Learn how to request the Citi Rewards+® Credit Card

Requesting the Citi Rewards+® Credit Card is easy and it generally takes only a few minutes. To learn how the process works, check the following link for our quick step-by-step guide.

Citi Rewards+® Credit Card

See how to apply for the Citi Rewards+® card

The Citi Rewards+® Card is perfect for anyone looking to earn rewards on every purchase. See how to apply and start earning today!

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