Music documentaries we’re excited to watch in 2022

From a look at the life of a young rapper to the story of one of the most successful pop stars in history, these are the music documentaries you won't want to miss.


Find out which video-retrospectives are coming out this year.

music documentaries
See which music documentaries are coming out this year. Source: Adobe Stock.

Music documentaries and documentaries in general have gained enormous popularity in the last two years. More so than ever, it seems that viewers are not just interested in a new album or knowing all the basics about a particular artist. Now everyone wants to know more, to learn about the behind the scenes situations that led to so many interesting creations. 

During the pandemic, music documentaries became one of the most acclaimed programming due to production value. From Questlove’s award-winning retrospective of the 1969 “Summer of Soul” to Peter Jackson’s incredible “Get Back” – a dissection of The Beatles’ final studio album “Let It Be”. 

Following the trend, 2022 is bringing many more video-retrospectives of a host of different artists. From Sheryl Crow to David Bowie, many performers are getting their brand new music documentaries this year. Below, you’ll find some of the new features we’re most excited to see. 

Sheryl, directed by Amy Scott

One of the most anticipated music documentaries, “Sheryl” tells the story of Sheryl Crow’s career. From her days as a back-up singer on Don Henley’s solo works and Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour to her own stardom, with chart-topping songs that were part of a generation. The documentary then goes on to talk about her past relationship with the now ex-cyclist Lance Armstrong. 

Loaded with recent interviews and powerful archival footage. The documentary looks back at how the talented artist managed to navigate her success’ often rough waters. Viewers will be able to take a closer look at Sheryl Crow’s constant struggle for the spotlight while battling sexism, perfectionism and depression. 

Look at Me: XXXTentacion, directed by Sabaah Folayan

XXXTentation, the stage name of Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, was an upcoming rapper who sadly passed away at the prime of his career at only 20 years old. With a backstory worthy of a feature film of his own. Tentacion spent most of his life in and out of juvenile detention centers as a result of crimes committed. He managed to find his way out through music and was responsible for powerful rap songs that explored depression and alienation. 

The movie tells his life story and the climb to success before the artist’s fatal shooting in 2018. The viewer will get to see some of his most controversial moments and follow his steps in the final moments of his short life in one of the most thrilling music documentaries of our generation.

George Michael Freedom Uncut, directed by George Michael and David Austin

music documentaries
Get the behind the scenes of your favorite artists with these documentaries. Source: Adobe Stock.

George Michael was one of the world’s biggest pop stars, and he wanted to tell his life story firsthand. That was the main point behind the documentary “George Michael Freedom”, released in 2017. Undoubtedly, one of the most complete music documentaries of recent years. The movie features iterviews by many other superstars and Michael’s close friends, like Linda Evangelista and Elton John. Sadly, the documentary became the multi-hyphenate artist’s final statement as he passed away before its release, in 2016. 

The new “uncut” version of the movie features never-seen-before footage as well as an upgraded video quality. For die-hard fans, this is a must-see documentary as it tells the highs and lows of Michael’s career in the 90’s. 

Now that you’ve seen the music documentaries we’re the most excited about, how about some featured films? Summer movie season is upon us, and this year’s sunny months has many new blockbuster releases. Check the link below to see which movies we are most excited to see!


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