Learn the different gears and gadgets in which you can access Spotify

If you’re a Spotify user, you know how important it is to have easy access to your library at all times. The giant streaming platform’s been working to make it all the easier for you, too. Check out below its latest additions.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 11/18/2022

Get your daily dose of music everywhere you go. 

access Spotify
Learn how to easily access Spotify through different devices. Source: Adobe Stock.

Spotify knows how important it is for its user base to have access to their Spotify library wherever and whenever they want. The giant music streaming platform takes that pretty seriously with their core ubiquity strategy. 

For that reason, users can have access to their Spotify account on over 2,000 different devices from all kinds of brands. The company is also always integrating new devices to their platform. Here are the latest additions: 

Access your Spotify library through Amazon’s Fire TV

Spotify users can access their favorite tunes and podcasts on the Amazon Fire TV QLED Omni Series big screen if they want to. The device offers a new ambient experience which provides users with hands-free access to their libraries and recommendations. 

They can also browse through albums, playlists and songs with the help of the remote control. Plus, Spotify Connect offers an extra hand via phone or tablet as well. Switching between the two is super easy and proven to be a complete seamless experience. 

Access Spotify using your new Apple Watch

access Spotify
There are plenty of new functionalities to the streaming music app. Source: Adobe Stock.

Last week, Spotify rolled out a new upgrade that provides Apple users with an improved experience while using the platform. People with an Apple watch can now browse and choose what they want to listen to more easily. 

They can also quickly download songs to listen to offline from their Apple Watch if they have a Premium Account on the platform. For easier access to Spotify, there’s a new and improved design, with better animations, larger artwork and more functionalities. 

This new version allows users to like a song by simply swiping the watch. New episodes of their favorite podcast are marked with a blue dot, so they’ll know when there’s new content. To have access to this new Spotify upgrade, all they need to do is update the app. 

Use Spotify Tap™ on your Ray-Ban Stories

For the indecisive listener, Spotify came up with an easy way to allow access to their libraries. With Spotify Tap™, you can go on about your day and choose the tunes you wanna listen to with a simple tap to your device.

Partnered with Ray-Ban for their Stories Smart Glasses, you’ll be able to rock your shades while having easy access to your Spotify library without ever having to reach for your phone. You can simply tap and hold the side of your sunglasses to play your tunes.

If you want to hear something else, you can hold the button for a few seconds and get a brand new recommendation from the platform. 

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