Everything that’s happened at Netflix’s Tudum event

Netflix recently held its second Tudum event to unveil some of its most anticipated series and movies to fans. Here’s everything that’s happened and what is coming next on the streaming platform.


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 09/26/2022

Fans got to see a little preview of the streaming’s most anticipated productions.

Check what happened at Netflix’s Tudum event. Source: Netflix.

During the weekend, Netflix held its live streamed event Tudum for the second year in a row. The intent behind Tudum is to give fans an exclusive first look at the platform’s upcoming movies, TV shows and games. Although they share the same name, the Tudum event is not connected to the fansite managed by the streaming company.

There were some interesting absences from this year’s edition – like the announcement for a second season of Sandman or details about Arcane’s season 2. However, there was also some pretty impressive news. That includes trailers for Knives out and Enola Holmes, plus details on their two Witcher shows and a new game launch. 

So if you’ve missed Tudum, keep reading the content below to learn what was revealed during the live event. 

The most important reveals at Netflix’s Tudum event

The streaming giant released new details about its productions. Source: Netflix.

The fans have been waiting eagerly for news about their favorite shows and movies, and Tudum really delivered for them. See below the main project announcements.

Enola Holmes 2’s trailer has been released

The Enola Holmes sequel is one of the most awaited titles from the streaming platform. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill return as the Holmes siblings. The difference is that now Enola is a detective on her own. Fans won’t even have to wait too long to watch her new adventures as the movie premieres on November 4th according to Tudum. 

Heart of Stone first look

The new spy thriller ‘Heart of Stone’ has a stellar cast, starring Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt. This is Gadot’s second action thriller for Netflix and she describes it as an incredibly grounded and raw action movie. While there’s no definite release yet, Tudum’s revealed that it will premiere some time next year. 

The Witcher’s new season and spinoff

While there wasn’t really any new footage on The Witcher: Blood Origin – the prequel to Netflix’s impressive success – fans got to learn that the new series starring Michelle Yeoh is premiering on Netflix in December. The company also didn’t show anything new on the new season of Witcher, but said fans can expect the 3rd season premiere for next summer. 

New clip for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

The sequel is set to premiere in December, and at the Tudum event, people got a little taste of what’s coming with a new clip. You can check out what it is at Netflix’s official website for the movie while you wait for the entire feature film to come out. 

Bridgerton’s spinoff 

Given its massive success, it’s no surprise that Netflix is cashing in on a Bridgerton spinoff. Fans got a sneak peak of the first project at Tudum, entitled Queen Charlotte. However, there’s no news of when it’s supposed to premiere. 

Netflix is considering weekly releases

With all these new titles coming to the streamer in the next few months, a new strategy might come into play as well. That is because Netflix is considering moving away from its binge method and moving onto weekly releases. Follow the link below to learn more!

Netflix DVDs

Netflix is considering changing to weekly releases

Netflix introduced the world to the “binge” method of watching TV shows by releasing their original series all at once. Now that might be coming to an end.

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