Are you quitting Twitter because of Elon Musk?

Many Twitter users are flocking to other social media platforms after Elon Musk took over as CEO and announced a host of changes to the website. If you’re looking for new ways to interact with people online, here are some suggestions.


Here are some social media platforms alternatives for you.

quitting Twitter
Check out some social media alternatives if you’re quitting Twitter. Source: Freepik.

Many users are quitting Twitter after Elon Musk’s official takeover last week. The billionaire’s new position within the company, as CEO, resulted in mass layoffs. According to Musk himself, the cutback was a necessary effort to cut costs. 

But one of the most talked about changes by Musk is the price increase of Twitter’s subscription service. Entitled Twitter Blue, the service went from $4.99 to $8 monthly, and it’s the only way to achieve, or keep, verification on the social media platform. 

This particular development was the breaking point for a series of already-verified users. They announced they are quitting Twitter in fear that since anyone can pay for verification, they may try to impersonate elected officials, journalists and other celebrities in order to spread misinformation. 

So, if you’re also quitting Twitter and are on the hunt for another social media platform, we’ve brought some options. Below, you’ll find a few alternatives to Twitter that might be worth your time.

Quitting Twitter? Try Mastodon

Mastodon is a social media platform that’s been gaining popularity as an alternative to people who are quitting Twitter. Like Twitter, it’s a microblogging platform that lets you follow other users and share your thoughts in short posts.

However, there are some key differences between the two platforms. First of all, Mastodon is decentralized, meaning that there isn’t one central server that everyone uses.

Instead, the platform has a network of smaller servers, each run by a different organization or individual. This makes Mastodon more resistant to censorship and disruption than Twitter.

Additionally, Mastodon gives users more control over their privacy settings and who can see their posts. For example, users can choose to make their account completely private, or they can choose to only allow people who they approve to follow them. 

Tribel Social

quitting Twitter
Many users are leaving Twitter because of Elon Musk’s changes. Source: Freepik.

For anyone who’s quitting Twitter but still wants to stay connected with friends and family, Tribel Social is a great alternative. The social media platform is specifically for small groups, so it’s perfect for sharing updates, photos, and thoughts with close friends and family members.

And unlike other social media platforms, Tribel Social doesn’t require users to share their real names, so it’s perfect for anyone who values privacy. Here’s how it works: users start by creating a “tribe” – a group of up to 10 people who they invite to join.

Once you create a tribe, members can post updates, photos, and thoughts that only other members of the tribe can see. Tribel Social also makes it easy to connect with people you know in real life.

So if you’re looking for a social media platform that’s more intimate and private than Twitter, Tribel Social is definitely worth checking out.

Counter Social

Have you ever felt like social media is just one big echo chamber? That everyone you follow tweets the same thing, and it all starts to feel a little bit repetitive? If so, you might think about quitting Twitter and joining the Counter Social social media platform instead.

Counter Social is designed to promote thoughtful, civil dialogue by giving users the ability to downvote content they don’t like. This encourages people to share things that they think will be interesting or valuable to the community. Rather than just what’s popular or controversial.

Twitter users to pay $8 a month for a blue check mark

To understand the controversy behind Twitter’s new verification price, follow the link below and we’ll explain it all to you.

blue check mark

Twitter users to pay $8 a month for verification

Some changes are coming to the social media platform, and they are coming fast. Read on to learn more!

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