Learn how to curb your drinking habits

Cutting back on drinking can have a lot of benefits - here are some tips on how to curb your drinking habits, and even save some money in the process.


Addiction is serious business, and it’s important to measure your alcohol intake

Pay attention to your drinking habits and take care of your health. Source: Canva.

When it comes to drinking, moderation is key. It’s important to curb your drinking habits in order to protect yourself from the potential dangers of overindulging.

Although alcohol can be a fun way to socialize and relax, too much drinking can have serious negative consequences.

Drinking too much can lead to excessive calorie consumption, dehydration and disrupt your sleep.

It’s also been linked to a number of serious medical conditions. Drinking too much can lead to liver disease, heart failure, and high blood pressure.

In terms of mental health, alcohol is known to decrease stress in the short term. However, long-term drinking habits can lead to depression and anxiety.

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Tips to reduce your alcohol consumption and curb drinking habits

Taking steps towards reducing your alcohol consumption is important for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Additionally, including non-alcoholic beverages into social occasions can help reduce your overall intake.

By curbing your drinking habits, you can play a key role in protecting yourself from the health risks associated with heavy alcohol consumption.

Making small changes to your lifestyle can lead to healthier and happier outcomes for the long-term. 

So keep reading the content below. You’ll learn a few important tips on how you can cut back on alcohol and lead a healthier life.

Pay attention to your body

you can drink small amounts – there is no need to drink too much! Source: Canva.

When it comes to curbing your drinking habits, one of the most important things you can do is listen to your body.

This includes recognizing signs that you are over-indulging and stopping when these signs appear.

It’s easy to get caught up in social situations and end up consuming more alcohol than you intended.

By paying attention to the cues your body sends, you’ll be better equipped to curb your drinking and ensure your safety.

Some of the physical clues that it may be time to stop include feeling dizzy. Plus, having blurry vision, slurring your words or becoming excessively tired.

If any of these signs present themselves, it’s best to curb your drinking and switch to a non-alcoholic beverage. 

Make alcohol unavailable at home

If you want to curb your drinking habits, one of the best things you can do is keep alcohol out of your house.

This will make it harder for you to access alcohol when the urge strikes and give you time to think about whether or not you really want to drink.

Plus, if there’s no alcohol in your home, you won’t be tempted to start drinking after a long day or when you’re feeling stressed.

Instead, try stocking up on healthy snacks and drinks like water, tea, and juice to curb cravings.

You could also plan activities with friends and family that don’t involve drinking. Going for a walk in the park or having dinner together, for instance.

This can help distract you from thoughts of alcohol and give you something else to focus on.

Set a personal limit

There are many ways to curb your drinking habits. One of the most effective methods is setting a limit on the number of drinks you can consume in one sitting.

This helps keep track of how many drinks you’ve had and prevent overconsumption.

You can make it so that during a night out, you only allow yourself two or three drinks. This ensures that you don’t overdrink and are able to enjoy yourself responsibly.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to set a time limit for when you need to stop drinking for the night, such as midnight or 1am.

This will give you enough time to have some drinks but prevents you from drinking too much and needing to worry about the consequences, such as a hangover.

Take break days!

Know your body and establish your limits. Source: Canva.

When it comes to curbing your drinking habits, taking a break day can be incredibly beneficial.

By setting firm boundaries and sticking to them, you can start to cut back on the amount of alcohol you’re consuming.

Start by scheduling at least one day a week where you won’t drink any alcohol – this could be a Monday or a Sunday, whatever works best for you.

Make sure to let your friends and family know so that they can support you during this time.

Alternatively, if one day isn’t enough, try increasing the amount of days you take off from drinking alcohol every week.

This will help to gradually decrease your alcohol intake and give your body some time to rest and recover. 

Eat something while you’re drinking

Eating while you drink can be an effective way to curb your drinking habits.

Doing so throughout the evening will slow down your consumption of alcohol, meaning that you’ll reach a lower level of intoxication faster than if you were to not eat anything.

Eating food also helps line your stomach and lessens the effects of any hangover the next day as well.

It’s also important to remember that the food you eat should be something with substance, like a protein-rich meal or snacks high in fiber.

Additionally, eating before you drink can curb your drinking as well; this way your body is satiated when you do begin drinking and you will naturally drink less.

Therefore, eating while or before you drink is a great way to curb your drinking habits.

By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself responsibly and with far less consequences the next day.

Try a few mocktails instead

Mocktails are a great way to curb your drinking habits. They can provide the same feeling of relaxation and enjoyment as an alcoholic beverage, but without the alcohol.

Having mocktails on hand at social gatherings or when you’re out with friends can make it easier for you to enjoy yourself without worrying about overindulging in alcohol.

Plus, they taste great and can be an alternative to drinking.

With a wide variety of flavors and combinations, you’ll never run out of ideas.

You can even get creative and experiment with different recipes to make your own unique mocktails!

Document your drinking habits on a journal

Keeping a journal of your drinking habits is an effective way to curb the amount you drink.

It can help you understand why and when you’re reaching for a drink. That can make it easier to curb those impulses. 

Start by noting how many drinks you had on any given day and what type of beverage it was.

You may also want to look back over your entries and reflect on whether you had a craving for the drink or if it was out of habit.

Keeping track of how much you’re drinking can help you identify when it’s time to curb your habits and make better choices. 

Some habits might be affecting your sleep quality

If you’ve been feeling like you’re not getting enough sleep, or if your sleep quality has been deteriorating, it might be time to take a closer look at yourself.

Believe it or not, some of the things you do every day could be responsible for keeping you up at night.

Check the link below to learn a few habits that might be affecting your sleep quality.

woman with headache bad sleep quality

Some habits might be affecting your sleep quality

Are you curious about how your daily routine might be impacting the quality of your sleep? Check out our blog post on the top habits that might be keeping you up at night

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