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Borrow up to R350,000 with customizable terms that fit any budget!

African Bank Personal Loan – Fixed monthly installments and flexibility to cover all of your financial needs!


Have you been considering taking out a loan but are worried about what it could mean for your financial future? African Bank is here to make borrowing money easier than ever, by offering a personal loan that can meet the unique needs of anyone looking to make their dreams come true. With competitive rates and helpful customer service, they provide a streamlined way to get the funds you need!


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Searching for the right loan to suit your needs can be daunting. But with the African Bank Personal Loan, you can enjoy a range of tailored benefits and features designed specifically to facilitate your financial goals. Check them out below!

Loan amounts up to R350,000 with flexible repayment terms to fit your budget and lifestyle.
Quick and secure online application – receive a loan offer tailored to your needs in a matter of minutes!
Fixed installments so you know exactly how much you’ll repay each month – perfect to help you prepare financially.
Credit Life Insurance to take care of your debt in case of retrenchment, disability (permanent or temporary), unpaid leave or death.

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You can easily qualify for an African Bank Personal Loan if you have a healthy credit score and meet the bank’s criteria. That is being a South African resident over the age of 18 with a valid document of identification. You also need to provide proof of residence and income like payslips and bank statements that reflect your last three salaries.

You can apply for an African Bank Personal Loan quickly and securely online using their website, through their mobile app, by filling a Call Me Back form, by the phone with a representative, or visiting a local branch. Just make sure you meet their eligibility criteria and present all the required documents when you apply.

You can borrow between R2,000 and R350,000 with terms between 7 and 72 months. The annual percentage rate varies between 15% and 24.50%, and the Credit Life Insurance rate falls between 5.04% and 5.4%. The exact terms of your loan depend on your overall creditworthiness.

Are you in need of a financial lifeline? An African Bank Personal Loan might be the perfect solution for your current situation. Check the following link to learn how you can easily apply for it.

African Bank Personal Loan

How to apply for the African Bank Personal Loan

Learn how to easily and quickly apply for an African Bank Personal Loan. Get the cash you need in just a few simple steps.

But if you want to check out another option, we recommend you take a look at the Absa Personal Loan. With a wide loan amount range and flexible rates and terms, you can have easy access to your funds to cover your financial needs.

Check out the link below to learn more details about the loan and how their application process works.

Absa Personal Loan

See how to apply for an Absa Personal Loan

Learn how to easily and quickly apply for an Absa Personal Loan and get the funding you need through this step-by-step guide.

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