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Increase your purchasing power with a spending limit up to R500,000!

Capitec Credit Card – Cash back, global acceptance and credit building tools all in one card!


Are you looking for a credit card that offers convenience and great rewards? Then check out the Capitec Credit Card! With one of South Africa’s best-valued cards in your pocket, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of perks such as online banking, competitive interest rates, cashback rewards and more. Designed to make life easier and spending smarter, this Mastercard is perfect for anyone who wants an all-inclusive financial product.

If you're searching for a credit card that offers convenient, low-cost access to your money plus plenty of other benefits, the Capitec Credit Card is the perfect credit facility for you. Check some of its benefits next!

Increase your purchasing power significantly with a credit limit as high as R500,000!
Earn 1.5% back every time you swipe your card on online and in-store purchases! (1% when you buy, and an extra 0.5% when you reach your monthly banking goals).
Get travel insurance up to R5 million and a 0% foreign currency conversion on international purchases.
Get special credit building tools and resources, and earn 3.50% interest per year when you keep a positive balance!

You can easily and quickly apply for a Capitec Credit Card using their official website and filling out a request form. You can also apply by downloading Capitec’s mobile app and creating an account, or you can visit a local branch with the required documentation and apply in person with your account manager.

Yes, you can still apply for a Capitec Credit Card even if you’re blacklisted, so long as you meet Capitec’s qualifying criteria. Keep in mind that your credit risk profile is a determining factor as to how much credit you’ll qualify and what your interest rate will be. Being on a blacklist will not disqualify your application, but will likely reduce your odds for approval.

Capitec offers all cardholders up to 55 interest-free days, but it’s important to settle your monthly balance well before its due date. To pay your balance, you can use Capitec’s online banking features or their intuitive mobile app.

Are you looking to make more of your money, boost your purchasing power, and unlock exclusive rewards? Then applying for a Capitec Credit Card could be the answer! Check the following link to learn how. 

Capitec credit card

How to apply for the Capitec Credit Card

A simple, step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Capitec Credit Card. Plus, learn more about the benefits of having a Capitec credit card.

But if you want to check out a similar product before making a final decision, we recommend the NedBank Gold Credit Card. In the link below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the card and how you can apply for it as well.

NedBank Gold Credit Card

See how to apply for the NedBank Gold Card

Learn how to apply for the Nedbank Gold Card and enjoy exclusive benefits such as rewards, fuel savings, security features and much more.

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