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Xtra Savings Card review: Maximize your savings

Want to save more money when shopping at Checkers or Shoprite? Here's a review of the Xtra Savings Account Card, which will help you do just that!


Xtra Savings Card: Get discounts on your favorite items!

Your grocery shopping will get better with this credit card. Source: The News Stacker.

Get more bang for your buck with this card! Our Xtra Savings Card review uncovers how to reap maximum rewards and make every penny count.

Xtra Savings Card

How to apply for the Xtra Savings Card

Want to save money when grocery shopping? Be sure to apply for the Xtra Savings Card! Read our application guide to learn how.

  • Requirements: Xtra Savings cards are exclusively available to adults over the age of 18, but you’ll need a valid ID or passport number before subscribing.
  • Initiation Fee: Not specified
  • Monthly Fee: Not specified
  • Rates: Not specified
  • Rewards: Discounts of up to 30% when buying with Xtra savings card at Shoprite. Up to 25% off when shopping with the Xtra Savings Card through Checkers.

An Xtra Savings Account Card is essential if you frequently shop at Checkers or Shoprite. This card allows customers to save extra money on specific items. Something that would otherwise not be possible without the card! 

So if you’re a frequent visitor of either store or just want to know more about this card that will help you save money, keep reading this Xtra Savings Card review.

Xtra Savings Card: What can you expect?

With the Xtra Savings Card, Shoprite and Checkers customers can get up to 30% savings in-store or 25% off online. 

Easy money management is possible with the MoneyMarket account linked to your card, which lets you make purchases at both stores while enjoying discounts!

Additionally, take advantage of rewards on Sixty60 when linking an Xtra Saving Account. Ensuring even more awesome deals for savvy shoppers!

Also, Shoprite and Checkers are giving their Xtra Savings cardholders an exciting opportunity to get more savings. With the Spin2Win competition, you can spin for additional discounts at both stores! 

Registering on the mobile app is required to take advantage of these special offers.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

With so many discounts and cashback, you’ll need extra bags to carry everything. Source: Canva.

Looking for the perfect credit card? Let us help! Our Xtra Savings Card review is here to provide you with an honest look at all the benefits and drawbacks associated with having this card.

Together, we’ll ensure that every financial decision works best for you!


  • Shoprite cardholders can save up to 30% by swiping their card in stores.
  • The Spin2Win competition is a chance for cardholders to win additional prizes.
  • The card can be used to make in-store debit purchases by linking it to a MoneyMarket account.
  • Checkers cardholders have access to personalized services, thanks to the Checkers app link.


  • The card does not give you points. It only gives discounts on selected items.
  • The amount of money you can save at Shoprite and Checkers is different. At Checkers, you can save up to 25%. But at Shoprite, you can save up to 30%.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Xtra Savings Cards are a great way for adults to save money and earn rewards. Xtra Savings Cards are exclusive to shoppers over 18 and require a valid ID or passport number before obtaining one.

Learn how to request the Xtra Savings Card

After reading this Xtra Savings Cards review, follow our content below and learn how to apply for this card. 

The Xtra Savings Card is an easy way to get access to great deals and make your shopping experience simpler without breaking the bank!

Xtra Savings Card

How to apply for the Xtra Savings Card

Want to save money when grocery shopping? Be sure to apply for the Xtra Savings Card! Read our application guide to learn how.

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