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Make sending a special gift easier with Pick n Pay Digital Vouchers!

Pick n Pay Digital Vouchers – Let your loved ones pick out their own desired items in any of Pick n Pay's stores.


Give the perfect gift every time with Pick n Pay digital vouchers! Shopping has become a breeze – just pick an amount, select your recipient, and they will be emailed, or SMS’d their voucher. It’s that simple! And it doesn’t stop there – you can shop multiple times on one voucher until all funds are used up. Plus, these vouchers have flexibility in terms of how long they last as each one is valid for 3 years… pretty amazing, right?!

Pick n Pay Digital Vouchers make it easier than ever to send the perfect gift. Simply choose your recipient, select how you want to deliver the voucher – via email or SMS – and they can enjoy spending on anything at any Pick n Pay store! Talk about convenience!

Each voucher can be used multiple times until the total value is spent
Vouchers are redeemable in any Pick n Pay store in South Africa
The vouchers are valid for a long period
Vouchers can be kept for future use

Want to share your Pick n Pay digital grocery vouchers with family and friends? It’s super easy! Just log in to your Webtickets profile, choose ‘MY VOUCHERS’, and select the option of sending via SMS or email. A quick tip: double-check that you’ve entered the right number, as each voucher can only be sent once by SMS. Enjoy shopping together!

Ready to get your groceries for a great deal? Redeeming with Pick n Pay is easy – just show the cashier your 16 digit code starting with 735328 and start saving!

Want to check out all your Pick n Pay digital grocery vouchers? Just log in to your Webtickets profile and hop over to the MY VOUCHERS tab. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you’ve purchased a digital grocery voucher from Pick n Pay, don’t worry – it’s valid for an impressive three years! Unfortunately, refunds are not available on the vouchers.

Searching for the ideal present can be a breeze when you opt for Pick n Pay digital vouchers! All it takes are a few clicks, and they’ll quickly arrive at their destination via email or SMS. 

Pick n Pay Digital Vouchers

How to apply for the Pick n Pay Digital Vouchers

Need to send a special gift? Now you can apply for the Pick n Pay Digital Vouchers online quickly. Learn more about how these vouchers work.

The South African stores have covered your gifting needs with 3 years of validity on each voucher plus multiple uses until all funds run out – blissful shopping convenience! Learn how to apply for the Pick n Pay digital vouchers below.

Avo Africa! It’s the super app that changes everything. Need groceries but don’t feel like leaving the house? 

Avo allows you to get what you need, order takeaways, and even apply for personal loans – all from your pocket! 

What makes it even better is their amazing selection of Sorbet, Netflix, and other vouchers so that surprising somebody special won’t be too hard either. 

Plus, there are no extra fees or rewards on purchases as they give back 1% in cashback whenever you shop using them. Check out our application guide below

Avo Africa

See how to apply for the Avo Africa

Don't miss out on this simple opportunity to apply to Avo Africa today! Get the step-by-step, and access amazing vouchers and rewards.

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