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Titanium Credit card – Enjoy flight discounts for up to 20% and car rentals for up to 15%


Professional and savvy customers will love the Standard Bank Titanium credit card! Enjoy discounts, insurance benefits, and unique lifestyle perks that balance work with play. Travelers benefit from amazing savings at partner sites while your online shopping experiences are secure. This powerful card is chip-enabled and has 3D authentication to help protect you against fraud.

Looking for a credit card with great features and benefits? Check out the Titanium Credit Card. With this one in your wallet, you'll get terrific value and some standout advantages. Read on for more.

You get numerous discounts on travel, lifestyle, and insurance.
Up to a maximum of R250,000.00 in credit.
No need to pay a monthly fee if you have a Prestige Banking Account.
It comes with basic travel insurance when you use your card to purchase flight tickets.

To be eligible, you must have either an SA ID or passport (for non-citizens), proof of residence less than 3 months old, copies of recent payslips, and bank statements for the last three months. Plus - to sweeten the deal - if you earn R25 000 per month or hold a tertiary education degree, this golden ticket is yours!

The Standard Bank Titanium card is the perfect way to balance a professional lifestyle with leisure. Benefit from luxurious perks such as travel discounts, insurance features, and secure shopping. Click on the link below to apply.

Titanium Credit Card

How to apply for the Titanium Credit card

Wondering how to apply for the Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card? This guide will take you through the steps involved.

However, suppose you want to explore more options. The World Citizen Credit Card is an excellent choice if you're looking for a credit card with exceptional benefits and discounts while traveling.

Not only do users get up to 20% off when they book flights through Emirates' Leisure Desk. They also get 25% off car rental services via Avis. And there are also reductions on luxury serviced apartments of 10%.  

You can enjoy these savings simply by using your World Citizen Credit Card during such purchases! As if that wasn't enough, this black card offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage. 

Including baggage loss/delay and trip cancellation, worth as much as $7500. In short: perfect for any globe trotter wanting convenience and financial rewards along their journey!

Follow the link below and learn how to apply.

World Citizen Credit Card

How to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card! This card is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy luxurious experiences.

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