Unconventional Christmas movies to watch this holiday season

Are you ready to get away from the same old family holiday movies? We've found some unconventional Christmas movies that are sure to change up your tradition this year.


Shake-up tradition and give these gems a try on Christmas morning!

unconventional christmas movies
What are the best unconventional movies for the holidays? Source: Adobe Stock.

Are you looking to switch up your holiday movie-watching routine this year? Everyone loves a good classic Christmas movie. But why not embrace the spirit of change and indulge in some unconventional Christmas movies this holiday season?

From comedy to animation and horror, there are plenty of unconventional Christmas movies out there. And they will deliver a unique experience while still getting you in the spirit of the holidays.

In this article, we’ll look at some exciting titles that may just become your go-to’s from now on! The best part? After watching these interesting takes on holiday-themed films you’ll likely even gain some new perspectives from them. Get ready for making your cozy evening that much cozier!

So grab the hot chocolate, pop some popcorn and let’s get movin’! These unconventional Christmas movies will surely provide an unforgettable journey through yuletide movie magic.

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The best unconventional Christmas movies

unconventional christmas movies
Check out our recommendations to shake-up your hoiday watching. Source: Adobe Stock.

Christmas movies have been around for decades, but it’s not all about snow-filled plots and sappy romances.

From unconventional storylines to whimsical animation and everything in between. There are plenty of unique Christmas movies out there sure to bring cheer to your holiday season! 

Whether you’re looking for a new twist on classic tropes or something totally different altogether, here are the best unconventional Christmas movies that will liven up your festive viewing schedule.

Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard is an unconventional yet beloved Christmas movie, particularly amongst action movie fans.

The film follows the story of NYPD cop John McClane and his mission to save his wife and coworkers who have been taken as hostages in a skyscraper by international thieves on Christmas Eve.

With its thrill-filled scenes, Die Hard has become a modern classic that has stood the test of time. Furthermore, it was even credited with creating “the modern cinematic interpretation of the action hero”. Making it not just entertaining, but culturally significant as well.

Despite being released three decades ago, Die Hard is still one of the most unconventional Christmas movies to watch year after year.

Gremlins (1984) 

If you’re looking for unconventional Christmas movies, Gremlins is the perfect example. It tells the story of a young boy who receives an unusual pet as a Christmas gift.

However, rules must be followed on how to take care of him. Or else, a slew of mischievous gremlins will take over his small town.

Featuring a captivating weasel-like creature named Stripe and oddly hilarious death scenes. This film has become a classic well beyond Christmas.

The movie is sometimes identified as a horror-comedy. But it’s unique in that its themes contain darker undertones that little ones may not completely grasp. Therefore, it’s best suited for older viewers. 

Batman Returns (1992) 

Are you looking to switch up your holiday movie lineup? Batman Returns is one unconventional yet highly enjoyable Christmas movie worth watching.

Released in 1992 and directed by Tim Burton, this movie features the beloved villain Penguin and Catwoman as they wreak havoc on unsuspecting Gotham City dwellers just before Christmas.

This critically acclaimed superhero sequel comes packed with action, adventure, and the perfect amount of humor.

The iconic score will get you humming along for days well after the movie ends. So dust off your DVD copy or get it streaming online for a Christmastime viewing experience like no other!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Are you looking to watch a different kind of holiday movie? Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an unconventional Christmas movie that will surprise and entertain.

Set in Los Angeles, the 2005 black comedy follows the adventures of petty thief Harry Lockhart when he accidentally gets caught up with private eye Perry Van Shrike.

Both characters discover a web of corruption and deceit within Hollywood’s film industry. They also attempt to uncover secrets during Christmas.

With the help of actress Harmony Faith Lane, Harry and Perry are led on wild chases while they inadvertently stumble upon their own identity crisis.

The humorous light-heartedness of this unconventional holiday movie makes watching it something special – an enjoyable escape from serious holiday cheer.

In Bruges (2008)

For unconventional Christmas movies fans, In Bruges provides a fascinating alternative to the typical holiday lineup. This dark comedy crime film follows two criminals, Ray and Ken. They are ordered by their boss to hide away in the city of Bruges after a job gone wrong.

Although set during the Christmas season and containing occasional allusions to the holiday, In Bruges is anything but your standard feel-good holiday movie!

The story examines topics such as love, life, guilt and tragedy as it reveals some of its characters’ deeper motivations over the course of two days.

As unexpected occurrences continue throughout this unconventional Christmas flick, viewers will likely be left surprised at every turn!

Trading Places (1983)

Trading Places is one of the most perfect unconventional Christmas movies. From 1983, this classic stars Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd as two men from two very different worlds that trade places for a bet.

This comedic film follows these two contrasting characters throughout their journey of discovery.

From corporate high-flyers to street hustlers, Trading Places humorously demonstrates how circumstances can affect an individual’s life perspective and reveals the deeper truth about who we really are.

While it may not be your traditional holiday movie, Trading Places offers a unique take on the Christmas season. It’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

American Psycho (2000)

Finally, if you are looking for unconventional Christmas movies to watch this holiday season, why not try Christian Bale’s character driven American Psycho?

While the 2000 film follows Patrick Bateman as he acts on his dark desires and shows a darker side of Christmas, it paints an unconventional yet interesting picture of the holidays.

Explosively violent, it hits viewers with a mix of shock and curiosity as they watch with tension building in each scene.

Despite its non-traditional approach to Christmas, it doesn’t take away from the celebration while showing the audience a unique experience that they won’t forget.

The 10 most nostalgic Christmas movies of all time

unconventional christmas movies
What are the most nostalgic Christmas movies? Source: Adobe Stock.

The holiday season is upon us and for many, memories of family time spent snuggling up to watch classic Christmas movies come to mind.

Whether it’s a cheesy comedy or nostalgic heartstring-tugger that brings back fond memories, there’s something special about watching these beloved Christmas films over the holidays.

To honor our yearly tradition we’ve compiled a list of 10 all-time favorite Christmas movies that will help you give in to the spirit of nostalgia this year! Check the following link if you want to make sure your festive movie night includes some real classics.

most nostalgic Christmas movies

The 10 most nostalgic Christmas movies

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to bring back some old traditions. Take a look at the most nostalgic Christmas movies to watch during holiday season!

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