Who are the top 12 richest NFL players

People spend a lot of money on Super Bowl tickets and merchandise, and also on sports gear. A lot of this money goes into these players' bank accounts. Find out how much they got.


Learn about the NFL players that have made more money

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Who is the richest NFL player of all time? Source: Adobe Stock.

Being a top NFL player is a prestige position, but who is the richest among them? Let’s see who has the most successful career when it comes to numbers on their bank accounts. Keep reading to learn which are the richest NFL players.

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The National Football League (NFL) has the 32 best football teams in the United States. Its gaming season, which runs from September to December, generates nearly $20 million in ticket sales and merchandise.

But how much does a football team pays for their players? The following list will show how rich the richest NFL player can be.

The 12 richest NFL players: can you guess the top 1?

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The NFL makes a lot of money every year thanks to the best players. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you thought about being a football player and gave up, you might regret your decision after reading this post. The richest NFL players have millions and millions of dollars. That’s fair for the amount of money they generate during the Super Bowl season. 

They earn money from their salaries and from sponsorships from brands that use their image in advertising their products. Having one of these players as a poster boy can yield a lot of profit.

12) Calvin Johnson – $85 million

After playing for nine seasons, Calvin Johnson retired in 2016. He played as a wide receiver for Detroit Lions. He is a receiving yards record holder and was much admired for his splendid combination of qualities. His talent earned him awards, a successful career, and a superhero nickname: Megatron. And, of course, a net worth to spend the rest of his life like a king.

11) Brett Favre – $100 million

Brett Lorenzo Favre retired in 2011 after playing 20 years in the NFL. Holder of several records, he played quarterback for four teams: Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings. He has won the best player award 3 times in a row and won almost a dozen titles.

10) Carson Palmer – $100 million

Another player on the list that is already retired, and another quarterback with several titles. It seems that being a great player and getting rewards can earn you a lot of money.

He retired in 2017 playing for the Arizona Cardinals. A top player at University, he received a Heisman Trophy for being considered the best player of the season.

9) John Elway – $145 million

John Elway’s career began over forty years ago. He was selected for the Denver Broncos team in 1983. He played for the same team until 1999.

Today, he still works for the Denver Broncos as vice president. John got the title of best player many times, as well as a champion of the league.

8) Eli Manning – $160 million

Eli Manning is the nickname of Elisha Nelson Manning, a retired quarterback. His talent runs in the family, and his father and brother also played as quarterbacks in the NFL.

He played his entire career for the New York Giants and set several records such as passing completions and passing touchdowns. The last time he played was in the year 2019.

7) Drew Brees – $160 million

textBy the looks of it, being a quarterback is a plus point for achieving a place as one of the richest players in the NFL. This retired quarterback made his fortune through hard work and quality of play. He won the Super Bowl one time.

6) Aaron Rodgers – $200 million

American Football Player
The richest NFL players are also the best ones. Source: Adobe Stock.

This is the first on the list that is not retired. Aaron Rodgers played his entire career on the same team, the Green Bay Packers. He was champion of the 45th edition of the super bowl in the same year that he was considered the most valuable player of the season.

5) Steve Young – $200 million

This quarterback stands apart from the others on this list: he was the first left-handed quarterback to receive the Most Valuable Player of the Season award and is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He retired in 1999 after playing for 15 years.

4) Tom Brady – $250 million

Thomas Edward Patrick, aka Gisele Bundchen’s husband, has played quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 2020 after playing for 19 years for the New England Patriots. He captained the Patriots in 9 editions of the super bowl, this being a record. He was also elected MVP five times.

Despite his $250,000 fortune being admirable, Gisele has the biggest net worth in the house with over $400 million.

3) Peyton Manning – $250 million

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Peyton Manning made his NFL debut in 1998 with the Indianapolis Colts. He retired in 2015 playing for the Denver Broncos. He was a two-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Most Valuable Player of the Season.

2) Al Davis – $500 million

Allen Davis was born in Massachusetts in 1929 and died in 2011 in California. He deserves to be mentioned on this list for his brilliant career that has earned him a fortune of $500 million.

He has served as a sports coach and executive for over 60 years. Al Davis won 3 championships and was named coach of the season once.

1) Roger Staubach – $600 million

The top 1 richest NFL player is Roger Staubach. Roger debuted for the Dallas Cowboy in 1969, the team for which he played quarterback for 10 years. He retired in 1979 after leading his team to the top in the ’70s. He caught everyone’s attention and was considered a prodigy by the best coaches of his day.

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