St George Vertigo Card review: Get Savvy About Your Spending

If you're looking for an everyday credit card that makes paying off your debt easier, look no further than the St. George Vertigo Card. Check out our comprehensive review and take control of your spending today!


by Vinicius Barbosa

03/30/2023 | Updated on 04/02/2023

St George Vertigo Card: Get the Lowest Rate on Purchases

Check our St George Vertigo Card full review! Source: The News Stacker.

If you’re looking for an everyday card with a low rate on purchases and a low annual fee. This St George Vertigo Card review is definitely worth a closer look.

St George Vertigo Card

How to apply for the St George Vertigo Card

Looking for a card with low fees? Read this post to find out how to apply for the St George Vertigo Card and get the lowest purchase rate.

This card makes paying off your credit card debt easier than ever before. What are you waiting for? Time to get savvy about your spending and make this card work for you!

  • Credit Score: At least a good score.
  • Annual Fee: $55.
  • Intro offer: If you get a new card by September 30th, 2023, you can transfer your balance and not pay interest for 32 months. There is an extra 1% fee to transfer the balance.
  • Rewards: You can get 10% back when you spend $400 on groceries at certain supermarkets.
  • APRs: 13.99% p.a. variable interest rate on purchases.
  • Other Fees: $15 late payment fee.

This low-rate everyday card will save you more than a few dollars.

You can expedite paying off a credit card debt with 0% p.a. for 32 months or cash in on the 10% cashback up to $400 at any of the selected supermarkets.

It’s worth a closer look if you want to make the most of interest-free spending without feeling faint!

St George Vertigo Card: What can you expect?

Thinking about treating yourself to a St George Vertigo Card? Well, it has plenty of perks.

One of the lower standard purchase rates on the market at 13.99% p.a; and a leisurely 55-day interest-free period to make any repayments. 

Just make sure you make them on time because there’s also a $15 late payment fee. Plus, you’ll get the added peace of mind that comes with having one of the world’s accepted Visa cards.

Just keep an eye out for that foreign exchange margin at 3.00%. So why not take advantage of the limited-time new cardholder offers while they last?

As long as you apply by 30 September 2023, you can choose either between a balance transfer offer or a cashback offer – now that’s what we call getting your money’s worth! 

So go ahead and read the rest of our St George Vertigo Card review for yourself. Don’t forget to factor in that annual fee of $55.

And who knows: you could be getting more than just your credit score a boost

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

This low-rate card is perfect for everyday expenses. Source: Freepik.

Ready to see the pros and cons? We’ve got all your bases covered with our St George Vertigo Card review. Let’s check it out!


  • 0% p.a. for 32 months on balance transfers.
  • The annual fee is very affordable.
  • You get a low ongoing purchase rate at 13.99% p.a.
  • Additional cards are free.


  • If you already have a St George, Bank SA or Bank of Melbourne credit card and owe money on it, you cannot get a balance transfer.
  • The card doesn’t allow transfers from loan balances. 
  • No rewards points or complimentary insurance.

What are the eligibility requirements?

There are a few simple requirements: be of legal age (18+), have an acceptable visa if not permanently residing in Australia/ NZ, hold a steady income with proof, and maintain a good credit score.

Then your dream can become a reality!

Learn how to request the St George Vertigo Card

Ready to get the St George Vertigo Card? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered! With our application guide, applying is a cinch.

Click below and take minutes to learn how in no time flat!

St George Vertigo Card

How to apply for the St George Vertigo Card

Looking for a card with low fees? Read this post to find out how to apply for the St George Vertigo Card and get the lowest purchase rate.

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