YouTube is going through some major interface updates

To stay in the game, you have to adapt, and that’s what YouTube is currently doing. With major updates announced, the internet’s oldest video streaming platform is trying to keep up with the times.


The world’s most known video streaming platform wants to enhance its user’s experiences.

YouTube is introducing a host of new features. Source: Adobe Stock.

Believe it or not, YouTube is turning 17 years old. As a birthday present, the world’s most popular video platform is getting a makeover.

On Wednesday, YouTube announced a few updates regarding how viewers will watch content on their devices.

The big majority of these changes are related to how the user interface looks when a user is on the platform. 

One of these YouTube updates is its dark theme, which is getting darker.The video platform is also introducing a new ambient movie as a way to make watching videos a more enjoyable experience to the user. 

The new feature adds subtle hints of color according to the video being shown, and the idea is to recreate how light is cast out from a television when you’re watching it in the dark.

According to the company, this update will also feature in playlists. Additionally, YouTube is diminishing focus on all the texts surrounding a video.

The platform is also reformatting the links in the description, as well as the like and share buttons, so they’re not so attention-grabbing while you’re watching content.

The subscribe button, however, is getting a new design to make sure it stands out amongst the rest.

The idea is to encourage viewers to subscribe to a channel when they come across content they find engaging. 

While these changes sound exciting, the new features are not available to everyone just yet. Most people still need to wait for an update alert on their phones.

However, these small improvements are one step further into putting more focus on videos and less focus on all other distracting elements of their current interface. 

There are more changes coming to YouTube 

There are even more changes on the horizon. Source: Adobe Stock.

Other than a dark theme upgrade, the introduction of ambient mode and a redesign of its action buttons, there are some big changes coming to YouTube soon.

The first one is the option to pinch the screen in order to zoom into a video. The feature is coming to both Android and iOS users. 

In addition to that, precise seeking is also getting an upgrade. Right now, when you’re seeking through a video on YouTube, you have access to one thumbnail preview of what you’re looking for. 

Now, YouTube will present a row of thumbnails to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for. This is a direct follow-up to the previous seeking feature upgrades.

To get early access to all these new YouTube features, you can always subscribe to YouTube Premium at $11.99 per month. 

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