See how to apply for the Mission Money™ debit card

Mission Money™ makes it easy to get your hands on a debit card. Follow this guide for easy application!


by Vinicius Barbosa

Published on 02/11/2023

Mission Money™ debit card: No fees, no pranks, and no fine print

Mission Money™ debit card
Learn how to get a Mission Money™ debit card. Source: The News Stacker.

To apply for the Mission Money™ debit card is so easy and straightforward. You can have it ready in no time. 

All you need is the “Mission Money” app, available for download on a smart device. Through the app, you can apply for your new debit card with just a few taps.


Debit card

Mission Money™ debit card

no annual fee affordable

You can get a debit card with benefits: Mission Money™ debit card.

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With your Mission Money™ debit card, all you need is your smartphone or another smart device to manage and access your funds anytime, wherever you are.

Follow this quick guide for effortless access to your new financial freedom.

Learn how to get the Mission Money™ debit card online

Mission Money™ debit card
Use the Mission Lane mobile app to track your expenses. Source: Canva.

Applying for a Mission Money™ debit card is straightforward. Even though the process doesn’t happen on the company’s official website. 

You can start by accessing their page and clicking “Get started” to input your cell phone number and email address. 

Once that’s done, click “submit” to get an email or message sent to your mobile with a link to access the application. 

Finally, click “Download the app” in the email to complete your application for the card.

How to get it using the app

To apply for the Mission Money™ debit card is made easy with the app. You must provide your full name, date of birth, address, social security number (SSN), and phone number to apply. 

After submitting this information in a few minutes, you can expect confirmation of your successful application and begin taking advantage of the great benefits that await you.  

Not only does the app make applying for the card effortless, but it also provides an incredibly helpful account monitoring service too. 

You can track your spending through interactive graphs and keep tabs on your credit score with a simple click. And if needed, you can block or unblock your card anytime with one tap.

What about a similar card? U.S. Bank Cash+® Secured Visa® Card

We’ve got an alternative if you’re still unsure to apply for the Mission Money™ debit card. 

Introducing the U.S. Bank Cash+® Secured Visa® Card. Perfect for those with little or no credit score looking to build their credit! 

This secured card has no annual fee, and there’s no welcome bonus either, but don’t be too deterred because it offers rewards to fit your lifestyle. 

With this card, you’ll get 5% cash back on over $2,000 in quarterly purchases from select categories and 2% cash back on “quotidian” purchases. 

Plus, receive a bonus of 5% cashback when reserving prepaid airfare, hotels, or car rental directly through the Rewards Center at U.S Bank and 1% cash back on eligible purchases.

Remember that the APR stands at a hefty 29.24%, so use responsibly! Follow the link below to learn how to apply.

U.S. Bank Cash+® Secured Visa® Card

How to apply for the U.S. Bank Cash+® Secured Visa

Learn how to apply for a U.S. Bank Cash+® Secured Visa® Card and earn rewards! With no annual fee, you can reap the benefits!

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