WhatsApp already has new updates coming in 2023

2022 marked a fruitful year for WhatsApp and its parent company – Meta. In 2023, the instant messaging app shows no signs of slowing down, already scheduling important updates in the coming months. See below to learn more!


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 01/13/2023

The instant messaging app has new security and convenience upgrades for users.

WhatsApp updates
WhatsApp has new updates for 2023. Source: Freepik.

Recently, the Meta-owned messenger WhatsApp released a series of updates to increase its user base security. In 2023, the leading instant message app shows no signs of slowing down. 

Previous updates, mostly the ones launched last year, shows the company’s effort in making greater advances. Especially in its community’s engagement by improving group chats and their functionality, such as increasing the size of possible members. 

Last year also marked a promising time for WhatsApp updates when it comes to privacy features. Anticipated by users for years, the company finally released the option to hide your current status while using the app. 

But it won’t stop there. 2023 already shows a great horizon ahead for WhatsApp users with even more new updates. Tech forums and websites speculate that Meta will make most of the announcements at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February. 

While there’s no new announcements as of yet, WABetaInfo – a website that works as an independent WhatsApp monitor – guarantees that users will be excited with the new features. They say they will undoubtedly improve the functionality for the app. 

Six WhatsApp updates coming in early 2023

WhatsApp updates
What can you expect from the messaging app in the coming months? Source: Freepik.

There is nothing official yet, but insiders say these new functionalities will be revealed as soon as next month.

The first WhatsApp update is the ability to migrate your chat history to a new Android device. It means that now, Android users will be able to retain their chat information completely when changing phones or upgrading their devices. 

Users will also be able to report their contacts list statuses to a moderation team. That is to maintain user safety as well as the platform’s. It’s unknown when this WhatsApp update will take place, but developers are already reportedly working on it. 

The third WhatsApp update, and probably the one most people are talking about, is to provide users with the ability to connect their messengers using a proxy server. That means they’ll have an alternative to connect to WhatsApp if the app is blocked by government censorship or if it’s banned in a country altogether. 

The fourth WhatsApp update involves bookmarking. The messaging company is working on a way to introduce a bookmark icon for messages in a future upgrade in the Android version. That will help users locate important messages and texts that have been previously bookmarked. 

WhatsApp may also update its privacy settings soon. The idea is to send a reminder to users when their contact lists change. It’ll then allow them to review these settings to allow or block new contacts from seeing their content on the messaging app. 

Finally, with user privacy being WhatsApp’s main focus, the instant messaging app could soon offer its users the option to prevent video calls from being recorded. 

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